Kimoto Electric co., Ltd.

Kimoto Electric co., Ltd.

Kimoto Electric Co.., Ltd., have been acting more than 50 years since our incorporation, 1953, fortunately. For these more than 50 years, we have been doing our efforts to develop the continuous automatic measuring devices to measures contaminants of the ambient air, the water environment and the global environment, as one pioneer and special maker of the environmental analyzer. As a contrary to 20th prosperity, the environmental problem has appeared dominantly in any area in the last half of 20th century. As the environment is a complex system relating with the nature and the society mutually, our knowledge is too small and weak to solve against these environmental problems which become to one of new social problems in latest 50 years.

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3-1 Funahashi-cho , Tennoji-ku , Osaka 543-0024 Japan

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Environmental Monitoring
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Globally (various continents)

We think that it is necessity to measure concentrations of each contaminants accurately to improve these environmental problems and to understand the dynamic state of the environmental situation.

We think that the comparison and analysis of accurate data is only first step to recognize the cause.

We pursuit the more accurate measuring of more items of wider area to recognize the current environmental change as our closest problem. And more, we would like to grind with our company's motto, 'To make a contribution to society through the environmental measuring.'

We will appreciate your further help and encouragement from now on.

  • 1955 We started to develop analyzers for continuous measuring for ambient air contaminant for requests by universities researcher   the auto continuous measuring device for ambient contaminants.
  • 1959 Our first device of auto continuous monitor for SO2 and Dust was used by the Health and Welfare Ministry , and one is installed to Amagasaki city, Hyogo Prefecture.
  • 1968 Analyzers for mobile station were developed. First one of mobile station was installed to Wakayama prefecture.
  • 1971 Environmental Research Laboratory Co., Ltd. Was incorporated.
  • 1972 Simultaneous measuring device for NOx, Ox, SO2 and SPM was developed
  • 1973 We agreed the technical cooperation with Bendix Inc.. We started to sell NOx analyzer by luminescence method and Hydrocarbon analyzer by the gas chromatography method.
  • 1979 We started to develop the analyzer to predict the red tide occurrence.
  • 1980 We started to develop the automatic analyzer on the water quality.
  • 1987 We made delivery of the acid rain monitor to Japan environmental protection agency.
  • 1990 The water quality monitoring station in which our analyzer was installed at the lake Biwa, the biggest lake in Japan is started the monitoring.
  • 1994 Our new building of our head office was completed.
  • 1996 ・ We participated to one project by JST, Japan Science and Technology Corporation, and we developed a CO analyzer with high performance.     ・ We started to sell our new 600 series analyzer of NOx, SO2, O3 and SPM.
  • 1997 ・ We took ISO9001 authentication.
  • 1998 ・ We participated to one research project by JST, Japan Science and Technology Corporation, and we developed a Ambient air and Ocean water CO2 analyzer with high performance and alkalinity and total CO2 analyzer with high accuracy.
  • 1999 ・ We participated to one research project by JST, Japan Science and Technology Corporation, and we developed a PM2.5 monitor by beta-ray attenuation method.
  • 2000 Mr. Toshio Kimoto acceded as chairman, and Mr. Takashi Kimoto acceded as a president.
  • 2003 We installed our PM2.5 monitor with beta-ray attenuation method to the project for PM environmental standard establishment by USEPA.
  • 2006 We started to sell a dissolved oxygen titration device with compact and high performance, DOT-05.
  • 2007 We started to sell our new 700 series of ambient air monitor.