Kinsbursky Brothers, Inc.

Located in Anaheim California, Kinsbursky Brothers, Inc. (KBI) is an environmental management company that specializes in the management and recycling of waste materials. Specifically noted for battery recycling, KBI was granted one of California’s first RCRA facility permits in 1988, by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and California Department of Toxic Substances Control. In 1998 KBI was granted their second RCRA facility permit which allowed KBI to expand their battery recycling operations and to add hazardous waste management services to meet the needs of their clients.

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125 E. Commercial , Anaheim , California 92801 USA

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Service provider
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Waste and Recycling - Waste Management
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Internationally (various countries)
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'Our People Are Our Most Important Natural Resource'

Today, KBI operations include the management and recycling of all battery chemistries, including industrial and motive power lead acid batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, nickel metal hydride, lithium (primary and rechargeable), common household alkaline batteries and is the only fully permitted facility in Orange County California to offer the management and recycling of electronic waste, including CRT’s, Televisions, and post consumer electronics including cellular telephones, lap top computers and other materials.

Working with small business or large multinational corporations, Kinsbursky Brothers, Inc., recognizes the importance of managing our client’s materials in a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible manner.

Integrated Management System Policy

KBSI believes that protecting the environment and providing a safe workplace for its employees and visitors is a responsibility shared by management and employees.  KBSI sees no conflict between its role of providing quality products and services and our responsibility for both complying with environmental regulation and providing a safe workplace.  KBSI is committed to implementing an Integrated Environmental and Health and Safety Management System to promote compliance with applicable federal, state, and local regulatory requirements.

KBSI’s approach to its IMS is to focus on creating a safe work environment while maintaining compliance with applicable environmental regulations and developing and implementing a program for continually improving EH&S compliance and performance. Once the baseline for EH&S compliance and performance is developed, it is possible to identify goals and targets for a continuing process of measurement, correction, and enhancement.

KBSI’s process for planning and implementing this integrated management system includes:

  • Defining responsibility and assigning accountability
  • Employee safety and environmental compliance training.
  • Assessing environmental risk.
  • Assessing workplace safety.
  • Routinely checking compliance
  • Conducting system assessments.
  • Corrective actions.
  • Preventing injury and illness in the workplace.
  • Preventing pollution.

KBSI‘s IMS relies on these essential components to ensure that employees understand their compliance obligations and that appropriate resources are available to implement and sustain compliance. KBSI requires that all employees follow the procedures established by the IMS.

The Integrated Management System (IMS) defines KBSI’s continual process for recognizing, managing, and mitigating environmental impacts, preventing injury and illness at the workplace, developing a safety culture, and for achieving and managing sustainable compliance.

History - a family’s tale

From collecting scrap metals with a horse drawn wagon in 1923, Kinsbursky Brothers family owned business has grown into a nationally recognized company.  Over 3 generations and 85 years later, Kinsbursky Brothers remains a leader in the resource recovery field.

It is our corporate philosophy to give people the chance to grow, and not limit anyone from reaching their personal and professional potential.  Our management team is encouraged to think beyond today and tomorrow.  Kinsbursky Brothers, Inc. offers a unique business principle, which places relationships high on the priority list.

As the pace of the world grows ever faster, and time becomes our most precious commodity, we understand and appreciate the value of family.


From managing a million pound battery removal project, to assisting a homeowner with a handful of batteries, Kinsbursky Brothers, Inc. has the experience to provide programs that will fit your specific needs.  Whether your batteries are located on a nuclear class submarine or in your desk drawer - KBI can help.

We are capable of developing programs and technologies that meet our clients specialized and ever-changing needs.  Our highly dedicated team brings environmental integrity and knowledge to every project we are involved with.  Our strict environmental and safety controls are respected and enforced by each and every one of our employees. Our management and safety training programs are our highest priority.

Credentials & Environmental Integrity

We provide training with annual refresher courses to keep our management and operations up to date with changing regulations, technologies, and evolving industrial needs. We also support OSHA requirements training, and function specific training clinics. Our strict environmental and safety controls and daily inspections ensure that treatment and storage areas are compliant and that equipment is properly maintained. Most important to our business practices is the safety and health of our human resources, as illustrated by our environmental and exposure monitoring as well as medical surveillance programs.

Environmental and Exposure Monitoring

Kinsbursky Brothers conducts personal air monitoring for lead on a quarterly basis. Cadmium and other constituents are monitored periodically as deemed necessary by our Environmental Health and Safety Department. Wastewater discharge is monitored on a quarterly basis.

Medical Surveillance

In order to provide a healthy work environment for our employees, KBI ensures that all employees at Kinsbursky are enrolled in biological monitoring programs.

RCRA Permit
Permit #98-SC-003, EPA ID # CAD088504881
The California Department of Health Services, Toxic Substances Control Division, issued KBl its first Hazardous Waste Facility Permit in June of 1989, effective through June 30, 1994. The United States Environmental Protection Agency issued a Hazardous Waste Management Facility Permit on December 14, 1989, effective until December 14, 1999. A permit revision was filed with the State of California in 1994 and subsequently issued on August 4, 1998. The following RCRA waste codes are permitted: 0001 (ignitable batteries), D002, D003, D004, D005, D006, D007, D008, D009, D010, and D011. A renewal application was submitted to the California Department of Toxic Substances Control in October of 2007. An Administrative Review was completed and a Completeness Determination was issued on November 25, 2008. KBI operates under the jurisdiction of the Department of Toxic Substances Control, EPA Region 9, in Chatsworth, CA. For questions concerning the RCRA permit, please contact Mrs. Chia-Rin Yen at  (818) 717-6681.

Industrial Waste Water Discharge Permit
Kinsbursky Brothers has an Industrial Waste Discharge Permit No. 02-1-424 through the Orange County Sanitation District. The contact person is Chris Pelletier at  (714) 962-2411. Kinsbursky Brothers runs an acid neutralization system. This system is utilized primarily for the disposal of the electrolyte wastes from our battery-recycling process. Self-monitoring is conducted quarterly as prescribed by regulation via the County of Orange. The County also randomly tests our discharge on a quarterly basis. We are required to test for Lead, Copper, TSS, and BOD. Information concerning discharge limits can be supplied on request. Additionally, Kinsbursky Brothers has a General Stormwater permit. The permit identification number is 8 0S009273.

Air Pollution Control Equipment Permits
KBI operates ten APCD devices (eight that require permits) including wet reaction tanks and scrubbers, granulators, cyclones dust collection cartridge units. The South Coast Air Quality Management District regulates these by the associated permit numbers: DO1984, DO1985, F90918 F90917, 474205,474203, 474204, 470424.

Certificates of Recycling
Certificates of Recycling are issued at the generator's request after the waste has been recycled.

Closure Cost Responsibility
Financial assurances for closure are funded via a trust account. This policy will be adjusted annually by the COL as necessary.  Currently in excess of the required amount ($800,000+).

Waste Analysis Procedures for Incoming Wastes
Prior to accepting material at Kinsbursky Brothers a completed waste profile form needs to be submitted for approval. A sample, or analytical information, may be required for non-battery waste streams. Significant discrepancies and differences between the profile and/or shipping documents, and the material received, must be resolved with the generator prior to accepting any material.

Worker Compensation Insurance
Kinsbursky Brothers carries workers compensation insurance in the required statutory limits as prescribed by the state of California

Environmental Impairment Liability and General Liability
Kinsbursky Brothers maintains coverage for Environmental Impairment liability. We have coverage for both sudden and accidental occurrences in the amount of $1 million / $2 million one time and aggregate coverage. Kinsbursky Brothers is covered for General Liability as well. The coverage is in the amount of $1 million per occurrence, $2 million aggregate.

Manifest Record Keeping
Manifests are retained in our central office during the calendar year and then placed in record storage after three years. Data from each manifest is entered into our computer files for ease of access.