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Kiwi Resource Protection Co Ltd

- Fire Protection Systems and Consulting (NFPA) - Health and Safety Consulting - Fire & Safety Training - Basic to Advanced - Technical Rope Rescue (ITRA certified) - We are Oil & Gas Fire & Safety Specialists In the world of Risk Management, real-world experience and practical cost-effective solutions are the barometers of success. The KRP team has a combined 70 years of on-the-job experience around the globe. We bring that experience to the table by not just talking the talk..but walking it too. As qualified engineers, emergency responders and health and safety specialists, we understand that it is critical to have the right skills for the task and provide clients with practical solutions. At KRP, we provide you with equipment and systems solutions that meet local code and are suitable to manage your risks and hazards.

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Consulting firm
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Fire Safety
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Regionally (various states or provinces)
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NFPA Standards

Our engineering and technical services team have been providing services to the Asia region since the company's formation in the early '90s.

We provide engineering services for brownfield and greenfield projects, the re-design of existing systems and on-site tests.

Furthermore, equipment inspection and maintenance services provided by our fully equipped workshop in Rayong, Thailand.

We can develop preventative maintenance schedules in accordance with guidelines such as API, NFPA, AS/NZS, CGA, ISO and the British Standards Institute

Our Technical Services Team can Provide:

  • Water, foam and specialist chemicals fire protection systems design
  • Fire extinguisher inspection and re-filling (Dry Chemical, CO2, Water, Foam)
  • Pressure cylinder Hydrostatic testing up to 10,000psi
  • High-pressure hose Hydrostatic testing up to 10,000psi
  • SCBA and Air Compressor servicing
  • Inspection and maintenance of fixed fire equipment for both on and offshore facilities
  • Mobile equipment inspection and maintenance
  • Fire hose repair
  • Fire main flow testing
  • Firetruck inspection and testing
  • Breath Alcohol equipment calibration


KIWI Resource Protection recommends and supports the world-beating suite of explosion and gas dispersion modelling products from Gexcon. Gexcon offers a wide variety of safety and explosion and gas dispersion modelling software to help you with your safety issues. These include :

  • Consequence modelling tools
  • Quantitative risk analysis (QRA) tools and
  • Pre-incident planning tool.

Contact us to learn more about these software modelling solutions.


KRP is one of Thailand's few ITRA certified training companies. We also cover Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and other countries in ASEAN.

ITRA is the International Technical Rescue Association and they are the worlds Gold Standard on technical rescue (including rope rescue). They are a global non-profit that provides global recognition of technical rescue practitioners and instructors, across a wide range of rescue disciplines including:

  • Swiftwater Rescue
  • Rope Rescue
  • Water Rescue by boat
  • Tactical Rescue
  • Confined Space Rescue (including inert atmospheres)
  • Structural Collapse (USAR), and
  • Animal Rescue

Industry Uses

  • Municipal or National Fire & Rescue
  • Mining operations
  • Wind farms
  • Construction industry
  • Oil & Gas industry - Emergency Response Teams
  • Chemical and Petrochemical industries
  • Any industry where technical confined space or work at height rescue may be needed


Kiwi Resource Protection is proud to represent JMJ in Thailand. JMJ is one of the world's well-renowned safety culture and leadership consultancies, especially to the Oil & Gas and O&G major capital projects world.

For over 30 years JMJ has worked with Fortune 500 companies on 6 continents. Their programs have helped eliminate workplace injuries, achieve exceptional results on large capital projects, and coach leadership teams to effectiveness.

  • Their tailored solutions address the unique needs of the world’s top companies. Programs such as:
  • Incident & Injury Free (IIF)
  • High Integrity Turnarounds
  • High-Performance Projects
  • Leadership and Organisational Performance
  • The School of Coaching
  • Industries & Projects Served
  • Major Capital Projects
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Oil & Gas / Petrochemicals
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Aerospace
  • Renewable Energy

    Should your company require a smaller more tailored approach, KRP can provide you with Safety & Health consultancy. Services could include safety climate surveys to determine your current baseline level of Safety Culture. More about this on the Safety Culture page