Kleenco Maintenance/Construction

Kleenco Maintenance/Construction

Over the past two decades, Kleenco has successfully completed numerous construction and property maintenance projects throughout the United States. We at Kleenco Maintenance/Construction will make it our mission to live, work and behave in ways that restore the integrity and biodiversity of the local, regional, and planetary ecosystems upon which all life depends. We will strive to accomplish this mission without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Kleenco is one company that can guide you through the complexity of planning, construction, installation, maintenance and compliance.

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8239 St. Rd. 9 North , Alexandria , Indiana 46001 USA

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Service provider
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Construction & Construction Materials
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Nationally (across the country)

Over the past two decades, Kleenco has successfully completed numerous construction and property maintenance projects throughout the United States. Kleenco now performs work in many different markets including: Storm Water System Maintenance, Erosion Control Corrective Action and Prevention, Petroleum Equipment Installation and Maintenance, Environmental Consulting and Remediation Services, Landscape Design and Installation, Concrete and Asphalt Maintenance and Repair.
Self Performance Capabilities
Kleenco's projects move ahead smoothly because we have total control over the construction process, and are therefore better able to construct work in pre-planned, logical sequences. Field construction efforts are supported by a large, state-of-the-art equipment fleet.
Leadership Staff
Our staff includes professionals that are leaders in their industry providing leadership on every project. Each day Kleenco focuses on setting the standard for project excellence.
Teamwork and problem-solving is the cornerstone of Kleenco's culture for conducting business. Long before the word 'Partnering' became popular, Kleenco's construction teams were finding ways to increase the level of trust and cooperation between project managers. Partnering is an integral component on every project irregardless of size.
Having self-performed thousands of projects throughout the United States, Kleenco now offers more diverse services than when we opened our doors in 1987.
Environmental Compliance
Storm Water System Installation, Compliance & Maintenance, Grease Interceptor System Installation, Compliance & Maintenance, Environmental Due Diligence, Site Assessment, Bioremediation, Environmental Clean-up, Regulatory Compliance and much more.
Property Maintenance
Landscape Installation & Repair, Irrigation System Installation & Repair, Fence Installation & Repair
Asphalt & Concrete
Asphalt Parking Lot Installation, Repairs & Restoration, Concrete curb & gutter repair, sidewalk installation and repair, dumpster pads, sewer and manhole repair, A-D-A ramps and much more.