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  • AZURA - Lab Standard Multi Method FPLC System

    AZURA - Lab Standard Multi Method FPLC System

    The AZURA Bio Lab System is a gradient system for complex purifications of bio molecules in a laboratory scale. It is designed and optimized for all FPLC applications like affinity, ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction and size exclusion chromatography. All system modules can be freely exchanged and further modules can be added optionally, to give you the best configuration for your purification task.

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  • Compact Pump

    Compact Pump

    Compact pump with pressure sensor and 10 ml/min stainless steel pump head. For HPLC and dosing applications .

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  • Detectors -Flow Cells

  • Knauer - High Sensitivity Lightguide UV Flow Cell Cartridge

    Knauer - High Sensitivity Lightguide UV Flow Cell Cartridge

    The high sensitivity KNAUER LightGuide flow cell cartridge combines maximum light throughput (due to total internal reflection) with minimal peak dispersion (due to the small cell volume) to guarantee an optimized S/N ratio. This flow cell is ideal for trace analysis. This flow cell is compatible with the following KNAUER detectors: AZURA DAD 6.1L, DAD 2.1L, MWD 2.1L.

  • Knauer - Preparative UV Flow Cell

    Knauer - Preparative UV Flow Cell

    Preparative UV Flow Cell. 1/8' Fiber Optics Version. This stainless steel preparative UV flow cell with fiber optic connectors is distinguished by its robust and long-life design. The flow cell can be easily dismantled allowing optical components to be cleaned and replaced. Fiber optic cables offer the possibility to separate the flow cell spatially from the detector and thus provides enhanced security for hazardous,...

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