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  • Hydro-Geochemical Assessment Services

    Hydro-Geochemical Assessment Services

    Hazardous waste affects all aspects of our environment (i.e., air, water, and soil) and, therefore, requires a multi-disciplined approach to problem resolution. Knoll has performed remedial services for many and varied hazardous waste projects affecting ground water and soils, including, but not limited to, small spills from drums, leaking underground storage tanks, discovery of illegal dump sites, 1900´s era foundries and 'brownfield sites'.

  • Soil Gas and Indoor Air Services

    Soil Gas and Indoor Air Services

    Volatile petroleum compounds from gasoline or fuel oil spills migrating in ground water will degas and the VOC´s seep into the interior of buildings. Knoll conducts non-destructive in-situ soil gas surveys utilizing a mobile field laboratory and employing Photoionization technologies via headspace screening using portable gas chromatography (Gc/Ms), PID field instrumentation, and Summa Air canisters.

  • In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) Services

    In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) Services

    In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) is a ground water remediation technology for toxic organic chemicals that has largely been used for source removal and control. ISCO delivers pre-determined amounts of hydrogen peroxide and a catalyst to the contaminated region via injection equipment consisting of pumps and injector rods. The chemistry involved is based upon Fenton´s reagent. Knoll has successfully implemented both hydrogen peroxide and sodium...

  • Probiological Remediation Technology (PRT) Services

    Probiological Remediation Technology (PRT) Services

    Bioremediation is a dynamic biological process that provides for the remediation of ground water through the acceleration and enhancement of natural biodegradation. The process involves stimulation of the resident microbial population by providing nutrients such as oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorus. The nutrient-enhanced bacteria feed directly on the contaminants. The desired end result of the overall process is the conversion of the contaminant into...

  • Hazardous Waste Services

    Hazardous Waste Services

    Hazardous Waste Sites often contain solid waste such as metal and wood that have been intermixed with petroleum waste such as old filters, oil cans, drums, etc. The following pictures are of just such a site showing the excavation of the materials. Behind the shovel of the excavator and stockpiled waste is a screen all for separating the materials. The last picture are piles of the hazardous and petroleum contaminated soils after the screening process.

  • Solid Waste Characterization and Profiling Services

    Solid Waste Characterization and Profiling Services

    Knoll obtained the first Massachusetts statewide Beneficial Use Determination (BUD) permit for C&D materials screened to less than 3 inches for useas alternative daily cover at landfills substituting natural soils, by demonstrating the physical and chemical properties of the materials through a six month beneficial use determination of all physical and chemical parameters of the materials as nearly identical to natural sand and gravel.

  • Underground Storage Tank Services

    Underground Storage Tank Services

    Determination of client needs regarding property and the development of programs to bring sites into compliance with regulatory standards. Removal and disposal of UST's in compliance with regulatory protocol; all necessary tests are conducted and reports filed to appropriate agencies documenting Tank Closure.

  • Hydro-Tech - Microwells and Soil Coring Services

    Hydro-Tech - Microwells and Soil Coring Services

    Knoll specializes in subsurface soil coring and aquifer injection technologies. Knoll's Hydro-Tech division, specializes in the installation of advanced soil coring technologies and microwells.Hydro-Tech's equipment consists of portable hydraulic augers measuring 3/4' to 4' in diameter and a Simco 2400 Drill Team Probe rig that specializes in the installation of micro-well technologies (3/4' to 3' diameter) including the collection of soil cores encased...

  • Geographic Information Systems and Computer-Aided Design and Management Services

    Geographic Information Systems and Computer-Aided Design and Management Services

    Presenting visual representations of hydrogeologic studies is vital in communicating the complex processes occurring underground. Knoll utilizes the latest technology with computer environmental engineering services, utilizing chemical database systems, USGS GEOINDEX database, EPA Sampling and Analysis Database, the EPA on-line computerized information systems, and state and local databases. In-house and field computer capabilities include the latest in...