Koenders Water Solutions Inc.

Koenders Water Solutions Inc.

Koenders Water Solutions Inc. manufactures and sells windmills and associated equipment for the aeration of standing water. Aeration improves the quality of water by providing an oxygen rich environment and circulating the water, thus preventing weed growth and removing odours. Our traditional market was with the farmers in improving the quality of their dug-out water; more recently we provide aeration to the fish farm industry where aerated water is vital for fish health. We also sell windmills to golf courses, all of whom have water features and who previously spent large amounts of cash in chemically treating their ponds. Rural Communities are realizing that windmills can offer a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to speedy remediation of their wastewater lagoons. Due to falling water levels, it is becoming more difficult to access clean water.

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3426 Saskatchewan Drive , Regina , SK S4T 1H1 Canada
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Water Aeration and Mixing
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Internationally (various countries)
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Koenders Windmills innovated windmill aeration systems over 25 years ago. With over 50,000 windmill aeration systems installed in North America we are the Proven Leaders in the Market.

One man with a dream. That’s how it all started in 1988.

Building on that dream, Koenders Windmills Inc. has grown into being the manufacturer of the most effective, reliable and affordable Aeration systems in the world.

Through all of the inevitable changes of life, one thing remains constant – 'The World Needs Clean Water'. Clean water is the one thing that every living creature on earth depends on for life itself. Koenders Windmills Inc. is proud to work with Mother Nature in protecting her most valuable resource.