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  • Koenders - Water Treatment Services

    Koenders - Water Treatment Services

    A stagnated, algae ridden and/or polluted body of water will not get healthy by using pesticides, algaecides or herbicides. Rather, this practise will complicate the issue even worse, even if it appears as though an improvement has been made. This is a short lived improvement in water clarity. The reality is that any of the toxic chemicals and dead organic debris that results from a pond chemical treatment remains in the water and sinks to the bottom....

  • Maintenance Kits for Modern Windmills and EL2`S

    Maintenance Kits for Modern Windmills and EL2`S

    For Koenders Windmills Generations 2 - 6 (with black compressor bodies). Also fits Koenders EL2 Electric Aerators. Includes 1 Diaphragm, 2 Insert Valves, Top Valve Repair pk, Rubber Washer and Driver Bit. Note: Double Diaphragm units require 2 kits for a complete repair. Regular maintenance kits include a rubber diaphragm. Deluxe kits include a higher durability diaphragm made of Garlock material.

  • Replacement Valve Pack

    Replacement Valve Pack

    Includes: 2 Insert Disc Valves. Fits all Windmill and Electric Aerator models. For older Generation 1 models (20+ years old) that use a large Insert Disc Valve please call 1-877-888-7707 for assistance.