We are currently monitoring over 3 GVA on more than 50 hydro generators in over 15 countries worldwide. Our mission is to preserve the value of power equipment. Our expertise lies in condition monitoring systems that increase productivity of hydro turbines, motors, power generators and all types of rotating machines. For our customers we create value through online remote, custom made and advanced monitoring solutions.

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Fallerovo šetalište 22 , Zagreb , 10002 Croatia

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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

We build solutions to optimize the processes in power plants. By using our smart tools we are able to predict and prevent most common and expensive failures of rotating machines. Some of our tools are:

  • Smart trending - allows to estimate the time in the future when a machine might experience failure, which makes it perfect for maintenance planning and site operators
  • Differntial magnetic field measurement method (DMFM) - detect faults with 200 times higher resolution in fault detection than commonly used motor current signature analysis (MCSA)
  • Automated reports - easily and without too much time consumption give plant staff insight into key machine, whereas customers define the scope of the report
  • Remote expert analysis - online withdraw of data from the data base with recommendations for key areas that should be optimized  
  • Modularity and flexibility - the solutions can be applied to equipment of all sizes with interface customization (language, values, custom menus..)


We are a research institute with over 80 years of experience in the electrical industry.

Helping our clients solve their problems and increase their productivity has been motivating us since the first day. Located in Zagreb, Croatia, as part of KONCAR GROUP, we develop products for a wide number of applications in the electric power equipment area.

Educated and professional employees are our greatest asset. Major importance is given to the advanced training through collaboration with academic community on R&D projects, and specialist and post-graduate studies.

Years of experience and knowledge in the field of electrical industries have resulted in solutions that are recognized on the Croatian, European and international markets.