Korea Power Learning Institute (KPLI)

Korea Power Learning Institute (KPLI)

Korea Power Learning Institute (KPLI) is the most renowned educational institution in the field of electric power technology in Korea. As the only educational institution in Korea that specializes in electric power generation. KPLI continues to strengthen its top-ranking key competencies for both the power generation and the power professionals. Exerting itself for the happiness and prosperity of humanity. KPLI renders great services for the future global environment and the co-prospoerity of mankind. it is now taking its leap to become the most prestigious educational institution in the world for nurturing global leaders of the 21st century.

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831-1 Banggal-RI, Wonbuk-Mykon, Taean-Kin , Chungnam , 357914 South Korea

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University / Academia / Research
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Globally (various continents)

  • The unique, world-class Comprehensive Training Institute for Thermal Power Plant O & M Technology in Korea
  • Availability of Simulation Facilities for Actual Operation Practice of various types of Thermal Power Plants
  • Topnotch Simulation Facilities equipped with actual on-the-job functions for 500MW Korea Standard Thermal P/P and Combined Cycle P/P
  • Experienced Instructors in the field of Thermal Power Generation from KEPCO R&D Center as well as 5 Thermal Power Companies
  • Accessibility to a variety of Power Plants for field trip, such as 500MW Standard Thermal P/P, Combined Cycle P/P and Nuclear P/P
  • Communal amenities for in & outdoor activities such as gym, table tennis, tennis, soccer, basket ball, mini golf practice and karaoke
  • Availability of computers for internet services in many places, such as Internet Plaza in Dormitory and Sofa Lounges in Education Building

Korea Power Learning Institute (KPLI) was inaugurated as Samcheon-po Training Centre in 1983 with the goal of nurturing talented minds to take the lead in the future of power industry of the 21th century. Ever since its establishment KPLI had gained a firm foothold in the field of power generation until it turned a new chapter in 2002 when it was transformed into an incorporated association. It has continued to progress since then to become a firmly established educational institution, specialized in power generation, both in name and reality. Today’s business environment demands a great deal of change. With the goal of securing autonomous management and the world-leading status amongst the educational institutions in the field of power generation, KPLI is working to create educational environment to customer satisfaction and also to bring about management innovation in education in general. In addition, KPLI’s key competencies shall be strengthened further by focusing on the substantial of the educational management. This will be put into effect by recruiting and training expert instructors from in and out of the institution thus striving for strengthening the substantial of education by establishing
systematic educational infrastructure. We will also secure new growth engines for sustainable development.

An optimized long-term plan, that includes construction of a training complex for power generation technology, will be devised by reshaping out value system and benchmarking other distinguished educational institutions of the field concerned overseas. By taking the hitherto mentioned measures, KPLI is heading to become the most acclaimed educational institution in the world through significant growth and development. We will continue to pursue further advancement without an end. We extend our gratitude for your attention in our endeavors.