Kraken Robotics Inc.

Kraken Robotics Inc.

Kraken Robotics Inc. is a marine technology company engaged in the design, development and marketing of advanced sensors for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles used in military and commercial applications. We are recognized as world leading innovators of Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS), a revolutionary underwater imaging technology that dramatically improves seabed surveys by providing ultra-high resolution imagery at superior coverage rates. Since 2017 we expanded from being solely an advanced sensor manufacturer to also the designing and manufacturing of complete systems, having introduced our KATFISH tethered underwater vehicle and recently the THUNDERFISH autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV).

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189 Glencoe Drive , Mount Pearl , Newfoundland A1N 4P6 Canada
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Kraken’s series of SAS products called AquaPix® leverages nearly two decades of R&D conducted by NATO’s Undersea Research Centre and millions of dollars in funding support from NATO government sponsors. AquaPix® offers comparable performance to existing high end military systems at a fraction of the cost.

Our technology has been validated by leading laboratories and industry partners including Defence Research and Development Canada, U.S. Navy’s Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA); the UK Ministry of Defence; Elbit Systems; ATLAS Elektronik; Lockheed Martin; ECA Robotics and others. Kraken’s head office and main manufacturing facility is located in beautiful Newfoundland.

  • Apr 2020 – Kraken Announces Partnership Agreement with Greensea Systems
  • Mar 2020 – Kraken Announces $2.8 Million of Contracts and Provides Corporate Update
  • Jan 2020 – Kraken Awarded $0.5 Million SeaVision Contract from Government of Canada
  • Dec 2019 – Kraken Acquires Remaining 25% of Kraken Power
  • Nov 2019 – Kraken Announces Major Subsea Battery Milestone With Ocean Infinity
  • Oct 2019 – Kraken Receives $750,000 of Innovation Funding
  • Oct 2019 – Kraken Notified of Successful Bid on International Mine Hunting Upgrade Program
  • Sep 2019 – Kraken Awarded $2.9 Million KATFISH Contract from ThayerMahan Inc.
  • Sep 2019 – Kraken Launches OceanVision Project
  • Aug 2019 –  Kraken Awarded $2 Million Deep Sea Battery Contract
  • Aug 2019 –   Kraken Awarded $1.8M in Project Funding to Develop Mooring Chain Laser Inspection Sensor
  • Jul 2019 –  Announced appointment of Joe MacKay to CFO, Greg Reid to COO, Dave Shea to Senior VP Engineering, Tina Sainsbury to VP Finance
  • Jun 2019 – Announced conditional approval of funding for $20M Ocean Supercluster Project called OceanVision
  • Jun 2019 –   Awarded $0.9M FCT contract from US Navy for SAS for 2 man-portable AUV
  • Jun 2019 –   Awarded $2.1M KATFISH contract from ThayerMahan Inc.
  • Jun 2019 –   Established Unmanned Maritime Vehicles Facility at COVE in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
  • Apr 2019 –   Awarded $0.6M contract for subsea battery solution for military customer
  • Apr 2019 –   Awarded $1M funding contribution to support initial phase of OceanVision project
  • Apr 2019 –   Awarded $1M contract for ThunderFish AUV from Government of Canada
  • Mar 2019 –  Announced AquaPix MINSAS-240 sensor
  • Mar 2019 –  Received $2.3M from exercise of warrants by Ocean Infinity
  • Feb 2019 –   Awarded $1.7M contract from Ocean Infinity
  • Jan 2019 –   Awarded $0.5M contract under Canada’s Defence Innovation Research Program
  • Jan 2019 –   Announced completion of majority acquisition of Kraken Power GmbH


  • Dec 2018 –   Completed $6M bought deal equity financing
  • Dec 2018 –   Completed successful sea tests of KATFISH with Elbit Systems
  • Nov 2018 –   Awarded $0.5M contract from Canadian Department of Defence
  • Sep 2018 –   Announced co-operation agreement with Leeway Marine for SeaScout RaaS offering
  • Sep 2018 –   Awarded $1.0M software contract from international defence contractor
  • Sep 2018 –   Completed successful showcase of SeaScout RaaS offering with Thayer Mahan during U.S. Navy exercise
  • Aug 2018 –   Announced CRADA with US National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • Aug 2018 –   Received $1.0M from exercise of warrants
  • Aug 2018 –   Awarded $0.5M AquaPix contract with international defence customer
  • Aug 2018 –   Commenced testing of KATFISH with US Navy
  • Aug 2018 –   Awarded $9M deep sea batteries contract from Ocean Infinity Ltd
  • Jul 2018 –     Announced establishment of Acoustic Signal Processing Group in Toronto
  • Jul 2018  –    Signs Strategic Alliance MOU with Ocean Infinity Ltd
  • Jun 2018 –    Obtains DTC eligibility of common shares
  • Jun 2018 –    Kraken completes $2.3M equity raise with Ocean Infinity Ltd.
  • Jun 2018 –    Awarded $0.9M contracts for evaluation of SeaVision sensors and AI software
  • Jun 2018 –    Kraken pre-qualifies SeaVision for Canada’s BCIP program
  • May 2018 –   Announced KATFISH has achieved MIL-STD certification
  • May 2018 –   Announced AquaPix Multispectral SAS
  • Apr 2018 –    Announced Dr. Jeremy Dillon as Chief Scientist
  • Apr 2018 –    Kraken pre-qualifies ThunderFish for Canada’s BCIP program
  • Feb 2018 –    Kraken completes $1.5M equity raise
  • Feb 2018 –    Kraken announces strategic alliance with ThayerMahan
  • Feb 2018 –    Ocean Supercluster selected as one of 5 Government of Canada innovation superclusters and will receive part of $950 million in federal funding
  • Jan 2018 –    Awarded repeat contract with leading military customer for Kraken SAS sensor.
  • Jan 2018 –    Kraken wins international offshore wind energy competition (Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator competition)
  • Jan 2018 –    Kraken real time sonar deployed on U.S. Navy AUV
  • Nov 2017 –    Awarded contract to develop underwater sensors & robotics to advance digitalization of integrated operations within offshore oil & gas sector
  • Oct 2017 –     Announced partnership with Avitas Systems, a GE Venture, to advance subsea robotic inspection
  • Oct 2017 –     Appointed retired Admiral Michael J. Connor, United States Navy, to Kraken Board of Directors
  • Sep 2017 –     Announced public company name change to Kraken Robotics Inc. (from Kraken Sonar Inc.)
  • Sep 2017 –     Announced historic Avro Arrow discovery using Kraken technology
  • Sep 2017 –     Awarded multiple SAS sensor contract from Ocean Infinity
  • Aug 2017 –    Awarded  contract with Atlas Elektronik of Germany to integrate our SAS sensor on their AUV
  • Aug 2017 –    Announced addition of key team members at Kraken Robotik GmbH
  • Jul 2017 –      Announced Avro Arrow search job with OEX Recovery Group, first RaaS contract
  • Jul 2017 –      Kraken takes delivery of THUNDERFISH® AUV from Fraunhofer
  • Jun 2017 –     Awarded contract from ECA Robotics of France for our SAS sensor for their AUV
  • Jun 2017 –     Announced teaming agreement with Atlas Elektronik GmbH. Partnering on Canadian RMDS program and the large Indian Navy MCM bid.
  • Jun 2017 –     Announced support in sea trials for Belgian and Dutch navies. Kraken SAS was on Atlas SeaCat AUV and an AUV from an unnamed Israeli company.
  • May 2017 –    Announced $0.8M grant from Newfoundland’s Research and Development Corporation for underwater robotics development
  • May 2017 –    Announced strategic investment in ENITECH Subsea GmbH of Rostock, Germany and renamed Kraken Power GmbH.
  • May 2017 –    Exited minority investment in Square Robot Inc.
  • Apr 2017 –     Completed $2.1M equity raise for Kraken Robotics Inc.
  • Apr 2017 –     Kraken Robotik GmbH awarded its first contract, to build a custom 6000m version of SeaVision from the Alfred Wegener Institute
  • Mar 2017 –    Finalized exclusive licensing agreement with Fraunhofer ISOB for underwater robotics
  • Mar 2017 –    Received $1.5M grant from Canadian government for underwater robotics development
  • Mar 2017 –    Announced SeaVision™ 3D Laser System, the world’s first RGB underwater laser imaging system.
  • Mar 2017 –    Announced partnership to supply SAS sensors to US-based Riptide Autonomous Solutions.
  • Mar 2017 –    KATFISH™ completes successful sea trials
  • Jan 2017  –    German subsidiary, Kraken Robotics GmbH, begins operations.
  • Dec 2016 – Announced hire of Jeff Bartkowski, Director of Business Development
  • Nov 2016 – Announced addition of Shaun McEwan to Board of Directors
  • Nov 2016 – Announced $0.5M grant from Canadian government for autonomous LARS development.
  • Oct 2016 – Announced addition of Larry Puddister to Board of Directors
  • Sep 2016 – Signed MOU with Fraunhofer to license and develop 6000M AUVs that would include a full suite of Kraken sensors.
  • Aug 2016 – Completed $1.1M non-brokered private placement
  • Jun 2016 – Kraken and Square Robot Inc. sign strategic partnership agreement for confined area inspection robots.
  • May 2016 – Announced $0.4M proceeds for major European defense contractor
  • Apr 2016 – Announced contract for 6000M rated sensor with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
  • Feb 2016 – Announce to supply Elbit Systems of Israel with KATFISH™ product
  • Feb 2016 – Announce $0.5M grant from Canadian government for KATFISH™ development.
  • Jan 2016 – Opened Nova Scotia Handling Systems division to focus on launch and recovery systems. Staffed by ex-Rolls Royce Marine engineers.
  • Dec 2015 – Release SOUNDPIX for next generation seabed mapping in conjunction with Caris limited.
  • Nov 2015  Acquired technology and IP from Marine Robotics Inc.
  • Nov 2015 – Awarded $750,000 grant from Newfoundland’s RDC to fund KATFISH™ development.
  • Nov 2015 – Announced awarded $1.5M order from major defense contractor for KATFISH™
  • Aug 2015 – Announced $0.4M sensor contract wit ECA Robotics of France
  • Aug 2015 – Kraken and TriTech announce AQUATRAK® correlation velocity log (CVL) product, a derivative of Kraken’s SAS technology, targeted at the oil and gas sector for ROVs.
  • Jul 2015 – Announce addition of Dr. Tom Tureaud and Gina Miller as VP Underwater Systems and Project Manager.
  • Jun 2015 – Announce addition of Greg Reid as CFO
  • Apr 2015 – Established US-subsidiary, Kraken Underwater Systems, LLC.
  • Mar 2015 – Announce delivery of first 6000M rated MINSAS sensor to Fraunhofer Institute
  • Mar 2015 – Announce addition of Roman Kocur to Board of Directors
  • Mar 2015 – Announces $0.5M grant from Canadian government for INSAS sensor development.
  • Feb 2015 – Kraken Sonar Systems Inc. completes RTO of Anergy Capital to become publicly traded company (Kraken Sonar Inc. on TSX-V).
  • October 2014 – Completed $2.3M private placement
  • August 2014 – Kraken named to MTR 100
  • June 2014 – Announced that chosen to provide technology and expertise for the search for the lost Franklin mission ships in the Canadian artic.
  • May 2014 – Delivered RTSAS to Australia’s Defense Science and Technology Organization (DSTO)
  • May 2014 –  Delivered AquaPix® SAS to DRDC in Canada.
  • Kraken announced the AquaPix® MINSAS, a next generation Miniature Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Sonar designed for smaller diameter AUVs.
  • Oct 2013 – Announced world’s first synthetic aperture sonar (SAS) priced under US$150,000
  • Aug 2013 – Kraken named to MTR 100
  • Aug 2013 – Kraken announced DataPod product
  • May 2013 – Announced delivery of InSAS product to DSTO Australia
  • May 2013 – Completed successful trials with U.S. Navy’s Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC)
  • Feb 2013 – Kraken and Triton Imaging announce OEM agreement to bundle Triton software with Kraken’s SAS
  • Jan 2013 – Awarded Canadian government grant to support development of correlation velocity log (CVL)
  • Dec 2012 – Kraken acquires SAS IP from Marport Deep Sea Technologies Inc.
  • Sep 2012 – Kraken Sonar Systems Inc. established as a spin-out of Marport with 8 employees to commercialize synthetic aperture sonar.
  • Jan 2011 – Hardware development of AquaPix® SAS sensor begins at Marport. INSAS signal processing software (INSIGHT) was developed in parallel.