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  • Recycling Sorting Equipment - Plastic Recycling Equipment

  • Polishing Screen

    Polishing Screen

    The Polishing Screen has the best and latest technology with high co-efficient rubber discs that grab the fiber materials and elliptical disc lobes that generate an action causing the containers to bounce and roll. As the lobes on one rotor are retreating the lobes on the facing rotor are advancing and it generates an opening size allowing fine materials, such as broken glass, to fall out of the stream while fiber material advances.

  • Plastic Film Recycling System

    Plastic Film Recycling System

    Impact Air, a CP Group partner, has the plastic FilmVac system which consists of a series of specially designed material collection hoods that are typically mounted in the ceiling of the sorting cabin above the waste belts. A series of collection hoods can be connected together via a range of ductwork, meaning all material is transported to a single point within the MRF, eliminating the need to duplicate material storage bunkers to match each hand...

  • Model V - Perforator Baler

    Model V - Perforator Baler

    Reduce plastic bulk and increase the productivity of your baler with the V-Perforator. The V-Perforator is a rugged and efficient plastic crusher designed to tear and flatten P.E.T. containers and other rigid plastic containers including 2-1/2 gallon water bottles, 1 gallon milk jugs and 3 liter PET beverage containers.

  • Air Drum Separator

    Air Drum Separator

    A CP Group partner; Ken Mills Engineering’s Air Drum Separator (ADS) easily removes 2-dimensional waste such as paper, shredded paper and film from 3-dimensional material streams in any MRF. The Air Drum Separator applies vacuum technology through a rotating, perforated drum to draw flexible, two-dimensional material against the drum, separating it from rigid, three-dimensional material which bounces off.