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Kuusakoski Oy

Kuusakoski is an international recycling services company. In addition to being the leading recycler of metal-based products in the Northern Europe, Kuusakoski is also recognised as one of the largest suppliers and refiners of recycled metals in the world. Kuusakoski has over 75 service locations in Finland, Baltic countries, China, Denmark, Great Britain, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Taiwan and United States.

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P.O. Box 9, Hyttipojankuja 2 , Espoo , FI-02781 FI-02781 Finland
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Material Recycling
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)


Kuusakoski Group Ltd is company that includes recycling company Kuusakoski Inc. and its subsidiaries, and it's specialized foundry Alteams Inc. and its subsidiaries.

Kuusakoski Inc. is the Scandinavian leading industrial recycling company, and scrap metal processor. The company has more than 100 worldwide locations, of which 20 in Finland. In addition to Finland Kuusakoski operates in Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, the UK and USA, China and Taiwan.

Alteams Group

Alteams Group is one of the largest manufacturers of cast aluminum components. Alteams operates in six countries and its main customers are telecommunications, automotive and electrical equipment and electronics industries. Alteams Group is the world largest supplier of telecommunications industry in light metal casting products.


Customer-focused, innovative, specialised recycling
We are a customer-focused, pioneering, environmentally friendly provider of recycling services with an international track record. A passion for the deeper understanding of materials and recycling drives our innovations and helps us develop more efficient recycling solutions. We strive to be unconditionally ethical and transparent in everything that we do ‒ and this makes us a reliable partner.


We want to be a pioneer of complex material processing services and the market leader in our area of expertise. Our research efforts focus on improving the efficiency of our recycling processes. We also collaborate with universities, research institutes and companies in various research and development projects.

A unique research centre
In order to identify new material flows and to recover precious metals from waste materials more efficiently, we have established a research and development centre in Lahti, Finland. Our research laboratory studies and tests new ways of sorting materials. Our independent research centre guarantees that our expertise and know-how stay at the top of the industry and sharpens our competitive edge as one of the leading recycling companies in the world.

Self-developed processing machinery
Our recycling processes are based on equipment and machinery we have developed in-house. Our Recycling Technologies unit engineers, manufactures and installs equipment and facilities used in metal recycling processes and environmental maintenance work.

Extensive collaboration with the world of research
In addition to our own research efforts, we collaborate extensively with universities and participate in numerous joint projects across the world of research and our partner network. Close collaboration has enabled us to produce scientific, high-quality research results.


We save natural resources, cut down energy consumption and reduce the amount of waste and its harmful environmental impacts by recycling and reusing materials. Efficient recovery and processing of recyclable materials into high-quality industrial raw materials has been part of our mission statement from the very beginning.

Our global environmental objectives are:

  • Cutting down the consumption of non-renewable natural resources.
  • Cutting down the energy consumption of processes used for manufacturing metals and other materials.
  • Increasing the recycling and reuse of metal and other materials and making the processes more efficient.
  • Promoting sustainable development as a responsible member of society.

Our local environmental objectives are:

  • Reducing the amount of waste produced in the company's operations; increasing recycling and reuse.
  • Reducing the consumption of energy in our own processes and material recovery.
  • Reducing emissions to air.
  • Prevention of soil and waterway pollution.
  • Reducing noise.

Occupational Health and Safety
Developing safety at work and wellbeing are key elements at Kuusakoski ‒ now and in the future. We continuously monitor the objectives of our occupational health and safety policies and endeavour to improve occupational safety using proactive measures.


Kuusakoski Oy has come a long way from being a junkyard in Vyborg to its current position as Northern Europe's leading industrial recycling company. The strongest periods of growth for our company, whose history stretches back over 100 years, were Finland's post-war decades of industrialisation and the time of our entry into the international market from the 1970s to the 1990s. Pioneering research and development work and unparalleled expertise in high technology have also played an important role from the very beginning.

Rapid growth from day one

It all started in Vyborg, still part of Finland in 1914, when the 25-year-old Donuard Kuschakoff established a company called Karjalan Lumppu- ja Romuliike ('Karelian Rag and Junk Company'). He collected waste metal, iron and waste fabrics with the purpose of sorting and refining them for industrial use. The First World War had a considerable impact on the availability of raw materials, and material shortages were reflected in increased demand for iron and metal junk and rags. Everything that could be collected and recovered was sold. The entire 1920s were a period of rapid growth.

The move towards industrial recycling of metals

After the outbreak of the Second World War, the company relocated to Helsinki in the early 1940s. The Kuschakoffs had changed their family name to the more Finnish Kuusakoski in 1934. The war had left a surplus of metal junk, and Finland's warplanes that were to be scrapped as ordered by the Paris Peace Treaties were given to Kuusakoski for scrapping. This was a considerable source of material for the company and provided the impetus for the planning of an aluminium smelting plant.

Pioneers of Technological Expertise

From the 1950s to the late 1970s, the company extended its operations from the junk business to industrial materials as Finland's national economy climbed to match the average European level. A pioneering smelting plant was established in a new facility in Kauklahti, Espoo and operations expanded rapidly. The company's in-house laboratory and R&D department were also soon relocated to Kauklahti. The company opened Finland's first car scrapping yard, accompanied by an aluminium smelting plant, in Heinola.

Globalisation and High Technology

In the 1980s and the 1990s the company invested in the development of new recycling and material processing solutions and underwent rapid growth and globalisation. In the new millennium, we have focused on expanding and developing our material sourcing network, and the 2010s have seen considerable activity especially in the fields of research and high technology.

Kuusakoski Today

Our company has expanded and evolved over a period of one hundred years. Today we have activities in 11 countries and employ almost 3,000 employees. Our success today is based on our know-how and expertise in materials, recycling and ecotechnology.

We provide you with recycled raw materials when you need them

When you purchase your materials from us, you get what you ordered exactly when you need it. Thanks to minimised storage times and optimised logistics, our services are very cost-effective. At the heart of our sales effort are long-term customer relationships ‒ and we pride ourselves in taking good care of them. Personal service is a matter close to our hearts.

Recycled raw materials create cost savings

We process waste materials on an industrial scale with years of experience and expertise, selling the recovered metals and other raw materials worldwide. The use of recycled materials is environmentally friendly: it significantly reduces mining, environmental pollution and energy consumption. Depending on the metal in question, the use of recycled metals as raw materials reduces energy consumption up to 60‒95%.

Shouldering environmental responsibility

Responsibility for the environment is an essential part of our operation, and something we also require from our partners. Our recycling system is based on certified industrial processing methods. ISO 14001 certified environmental management systems guide our operations. The aim of environmental management systems is to reduce the cost of processing waste materials, minimise the use of energy and new raw materials, bring down distribution costs and make customer relationships more transparent and dependable.

Products tailored to individual needs

Our sales department and production lines work according to our customers' needs: we produce all kinds of raw materials in quantities ranging from small batches to large volumes. Material compositions can be precisely specified according to the production needs of our customers. We are, for example, able to produce more than one hundred different aluminium grades.