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  • Aluminium and Aluminium Scrap

  • Aluminium Ingots and Drops

    Aluminium Ingots and Drops

    We supply aluminium   ingots to aluminium and light metal foundries. We produce aluminium  ingots to the European EN standard, national standards such as DIN, JIS and SS, and to customer specifications at our aluminium plant in Heinola.  Popular standard alloys we produce include EN AB 46000, DIN 226D, AD12.1 (ADC-12) and SS 4250. We supply aluminium drops produced to customer's specifications for the steel industry.

  • Aluminium Scrap

    Aluminium Scrap

    Our popular aluminium products include: Tense, Taint, tabor. Telic, Twitch, Zorba, Talk, Twang (ACSR).