KWT Group/ KWT International

KWT Group/ KWT International

KWT International is the distribution branch for KWT’s solutions in the field of global quantitative water management systems. Its focus is on systems for aquatic flow control used in surface water management (river flood control, eco-tourism, hydropower dams), as well as providing sluice gates, penstocks, gate valves, tilting weirs and non return valves to civil (STP and WWTP) contractors all over the globe. In our home country, The Netherlands, KWT is the innovative leader when penstocks, tilting weirs and flap valves are involved. Thanks to its consistent product quality and creative designs. Although KWT has been exporting to a global community for many years, in 2005 a turnaround export strategy was formulated that required the creation of a global network. Today, KWT ships more than 60% of its volume to destinations outside its home market.

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Wentelploeg 42 , Biddinghuizen , 8256 SN Netherlands
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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)

KWT International is an operating company of KWT Group and a member of Bergschenhoek Groep. For over 50 years, Bergschenhoek Groep is a privately held group of companies active in the field of ventilation and air handling systems, central heating flue gas systems, and innovative solutions for water drainage-, ecoduct-, tunnel- and liquid storage systems. Bergschenhoek Groep employ over 350.

More than 35 international distributors and agents make sure that KWT is close to its clients, be it project consultants, civil contractors, water boards, municipalities, or ministries involved in water containment, transport or environment. As a group, the KWT companies stand for daring and innovative product design, a worldwide strong and trusted image, and a proven product quality. For sewerage, pumping stations or flow regulation alike. All products are made from high grades of Stainless Steel 304L or 316L, often in combination with chemically inert High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE). A product never leaves the factory if KWT QC is not satisfied