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Kyocera is one of the world`s largest vertically-integrated producers and suppliers of solar energy panels. Kyocera Solar, Inc. (KSI), our North American solar products subsidiary, is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, with regional sales affiliates in the Americas and Australia. We serve thousands of customers in both the developed and developing worlds.We have been the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative solar power solutions for over 35 years. During that time, we’ve set the standard for harvesting the sun’s energy with dependable and affordable best-in-class technology, manufacturing and installing more than 1.2 gigawatts of solar collection equipment and more than 7 million modules.

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7812 East Acoma Dr. , Scottsdale , AZ 85260 USA

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Kyocera Solar, Inc. is a world-leading supplier of environmentally sound, solar electric energy solutions. With operating headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ and regional sales centers in the U.S., Brazil and Australia, Kyocera Solar, Inc. serves thousands of customers in both developed and developing regions. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyocera International, Inc. of San Diego, the North American headquarters and holding company for Kyocera Corporation, based in Kyoto, Japan.


The ability to harness the power of the sun has been ours for generations. The desire to do so almost as long. However, we now stand at a point in human history where we must fully utilize the limitless and clean power of the sun. Climate concerns are real and are no longer just political issues. They have become moral issues. In a world where over consumption and a blatant disregard for future generations has become the norm, a passionate conversation addressing what is truly at stake must begin and continue until genuine sustainability is achieved. A full and unwavering commitment to protect the earth’s environment is needed now.


Solar power is an unlimited and clean source of energy that can greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions—the major cause of the current climate crisis. To help preserve the global environment while promoting the enhancement of human society, Kyocera Solar will remain committed to the technical development and proliferation of solar power generation systems. We will remain a dynamic and informed leader in providing proven, quality renewable energy solutions needed to reduce worldwide energy consumption.

You can join the effort by investing in solar energy, and by doing so will not only make a positive impact on the global environment, but see a significant reduction in your electricity bills.

The number of companies offering solar energy products has increased 51% annually since the year 2000[1]. While that kind of rapid growth may make for a dynamic industry, it also means there are a lot of inexperienced companies out there—companies that do not have the proven experience or expertise found with Kyocera Solar.

Proven Financial Stability

The KYOCERA GROUP is made up of 229 companies, accounting for more than 70,000 employees. Fiscal year 2013 net sales for the KYOCERA GROUP were $13.6 Billion. In fact, we have been profitable every year of operation. We were previously rated “Aa3” by Moody’s–high quality with very low credit risk (No current outstanding debt!), and the company is ranked #492 on Forbes magazine’s 2013 “Global 2000” listing of the world’s largest publicly traded companies. No other solar company has such strength.

Proven Manufacturing

Kyocera manufactures and assembles solar cells and modules at its own worldwide production sites using a true vertical integration process called 'Chain of Custody.' This superior approach gives Kyocera complete control over every step of the manufacturing process, producing modules with built-in quality, proven superior field performance, and tight power tolerance.

Our manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO 9001 & 14001, and produce state of the art technology.

Proven Products
We've recently celebrated the 25 year anniversary of the Sakura Solar Energy Center. This world renowned facility is the site of a 43kW Grid-tie System, installed in 1984. This system consists of more than 1000 modules exposed to over 45,000 hours of solar irradiation. Research has proven that these panels have shown a degradation of just 9.6%!

Proven System Performance
Independent tests show Kyocera Solar has recorded the highest average output of any crystalline module. These tests, conducted at the Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre, put various systems on an even playing field, enabling accurate and unbiased comparisons of technology performance.[2]

Proven Dedication
Central to our company's mission is the passion to help others– what we call 'Our Solar Spirit.' People count on Kyocera to provide reliable, renewable energy the world over. Ask those in the village of Kankoi in Pakistan if Kyocera solar panels, the village's sole source of electricity, have changed their lives.

Proven Efficiency
Through dedication to research and a drive to be the best, Kyocera has broken the multicrystalline silicon solar cell efficiency world record several times over. In addition, we've successfully increased the light-sensitive surface area of our solar cells, lowered resistance and reduced energy loss due to reflection–all to improve the efficiency of our solar panels. We're consistently setting the bar for our industry... and the world is better for it.