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  • Geotextiles

  • L & M - Non Woven Geotextiles Fabrics

    L & M - Non Woven Geotextiles Fabrics

    Non woven Geotextiles Fabrics are probably the most commonly known geotextiles. Nonwoven polypropylene fabric, which has a felt-like consistency, combines strength and flow ability. Available in varying weights and thicknesses, the fabrics are strong but permeable, allowing for varied uses. Nonwoven fabrics commonly are used as a separator between subsoils and rock riprap, and they also are used to separate soils and sized stone in many...

  • L & M - Woven Stabilization Geotextile Fabric

    L & M - Woven Stabilization Geotextile Fabric

    Woven geotextiles are made from polypropylene as well, but the manufacturing process, product characteristics and applications differ dramatically from those of nonwovens. Narrow strands of polypropylene tape are woven together during manufacturing, producing a tough fabric, but one with much less permeability than nonwovens. Commonly known as ground stabilization fabric, wovens are effective in separating less desirable subsoils from gravel or...

  • L & M - Woven Monofilament Geotextiles Toolbox

    L & M - Woven Monofilament Geotextiles Toolbox

    This group adds a third dimension to the geotextile toolbox. In the manufacturing process, individual polypropylene filaments are woven together to form a fabric that resembles nylon screen cloth. Woven monofilaments are available with varying opening sizes to match up appropriately with site soil, and the result is a geotextile fabric that combines excellent flow ability with durability and strength.

  • L & M - High-Performance / High Strength Geotextiles

    L & M - High-Performance / High Strength Geotextiles

    L & M Supplies' complete line of High Performance geotextiles also know as High Strength Geotextiles, are uniquely designed to produce a superior geotextile fabric which yields exceptional strength combined with increased water flow and filtration properties. Our high performance geotextiles are designed to provide reinforcement, separation, filtration and confinement for a wide variety of site conditions from moderate to...

  • L & M - Spun-Bonded Geotextiles

    L & M - Spun-Bonded Geotextiles

    Spun-bonded geotextiles. Rugged, nonwoven fabrics appropriate for many applications, particularly in landscape construction, spun-bound geotextiles are used by landscapers to separate subsoils from surface stone or mulch and control weeds. Like wovens and nonwovens, spun-bonded geotextiles are used extensively in construction applications but most commonly used as Landscaple Fabric.