L3 ASV designs, builds, operates, sells and leases Unmanned and Autonomous Marine Surface Vehicles. Stretching across both sides of the Atlantic, the team has specialist expertise and experience in platform concept design, build and commissioning, operation and maintenance. L3 ASV`s Autonomous Surface Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes to suit a variety of Military, Security, Offshore Energy and Scientific applications. Our passion for what we do comes from a firm belief that marine autonomous systems can save time, save money and ultimately save lives.

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Unit 12 Murrills Estate Southampton Road , Portchester , PO16 9RD United Kingdom
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L3 ASV is the leading supplier of Unmanned and Autonomous Marine Systems.

In just 8 years the team has delivered over 100 systems to 40 customers across 10 countries.

The ASView® Control System is used for the unmanned and autonomous control of all L3 ASV platforms.
ASView® is the industry’s leading solution for converting standard boats into a craft that has the ability to operate unmanned, autonomously and by direct remote control.

ASVs are the natural progression for today’s marine industry. These unmanned and autonomous vehicles provide the ideal platform for services that currently rely on manpower heavy solutions. Applications range from remote sensing to construction support, eyeball ROV deployment to acoustic data through satellite link bridges. ASVs reduce the cost.

ASVs are the future for Maritime Operations. Rather than be constrained by traditional warfare areas and security methods, ASVs can be employed in various scenarios to do the dangerous, dull and dirty work with greater efficiency. The dull parts such as border surveillance can be done by ASVs with greater persistence and lower cost from traditional methods. The dangerous part such as mine warfare clearance can save lives.