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  • Pathlength Calibration Program for Pearl

    Pathlength Calibration Program for Pearl

    For calculating the pathlength of a cell formed between two parallel windows, the interference fringe method is commonly employed. For cells with non-parallel, or “wedged” windows, such as those available for the Pearl™ Liquid Transmission Accessory, this method is not possible because the interference fringes are not seen. Instead, the known absorbance of a particular solvent in a parallel windowed reference cell can be used to...

  • Infrared Frequency Lookup Services

    Infrared Frequency Lookup Services

    This lookup chart is designed to provide insight into unknown peaks in your IR spectrum. It contains many common functional groups along with their characteristic IR absorption frequencies (in wavenumbers). Please insert your unknown peak in wavenumbers. Potential matches are then displayed along with the other expected peaks, an indication of peak intensities and when the peak is expected to be broad followed by the peak assignment.