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LABAQUA Services

  • Technical Analytical Services

  • Technological Services

    Technological Services

    Technology at the cutting edge of the market: Plasma spectrometers (ICP-OES, ICP-MS), Infrared spectroscope, Proportional counter for radioactivity measurement, Alpha emissions spectrometer, Gas chromatography mass spectrometers (GC/MS/MS), High resolution liquid chromatograph, coupled to mass. (HPLC, HPLC_MS_MS), Ionic chromatograph with chemical suppression., Enzymatic amplification of DNA technology. (PCR), DNA sequencer, Ecotoxicity systems,...

  • Solids and Wastes

    Solids and Wastes

    Services provided: Characterization of solid waste, sludge and soils. Characterization of leachates in public and private landfills. Monitoring and control of the quality of sludges destined for agricultural uses (RD 1310/1999), Study of contaminated soils (RD 9/2005), Oils: Control of PCBs in conformity with UNE EN 61619, Studies of the microbiological quality of sludge and soil, Study of raw materials and processes, Analytical characterization of...

  • Air quality

    Air quality

    Accreditation under internal procedures for numerous analytes: NH3, SH2, Methodology capable of analyzing more than 100 volatile organic in one single tube of activated carbon. Capacity to analyse the pollutants of RD102/2011 (air quality). Up to 27 POFs in the same sample support.

  • Integral Water Cycle

    Integral Water Cycle

    Differential products : Legionella pneumophila and Salmonella spp. by PCR. AOX for all types of waters. Migration studies (Bisphenol A). Organic compounds kit in 48 h (KIO-48). Complete analysis kit (KIAC). Special limits in metals and organic compounds. Determination of special compounds (Glyphosate, diuron, isoproturon, triazines, ...) Accredited for radioactivity testing according to the Standard UNE-EN 17025. Passive samplers for water (CEFIS,...

  • Industrial Hygiene

    Industrial Hygiene

    Analysis of chemical and biological pollutants in workplace atmospheres by the application of official methodologies such as MTA, UNE, OSHA, NIOSH and state of the art implementation.

  • Environmental Services

  • Environmental Consultancy and Monitoring

    Environmental Consultancy and Monitoring

    The concepts of sustainable development and sector integration of environmental policies constitute the conceptual core of the current European environmental policy, which is being strongly supported in the Sixth Environment Action Program of the European Community on the Environment. In AQUALOGY Environment we firmly believe in these principals, and work to achieve these objectives. A long trajectory, started in 1991, endorses our ability to help our...

  • Control of Environmental Noise

    Control of Environmental Noise

    The Environmental Noise Directive 2002/19/CE developed as a national directive in Spain by the Noise Act 37/2003, establishes as its primary objective, to prevent, monitor, and reduce noise contamination, to avoid and reduce the damage which can result for human health, property, and the environment. Within this framework, specific objectives have been established, such as the production of strategic noise maps (airports, road traffic, rail traffic, and...

  • Chemical Risk Management

    Chemical Risk Management

    To guarantee an adequate level of protection for human beings and the environment, with relation to the placing on the market and use of new chemical products, was one of the primary environmental concerns of the then newly formed European Economic Community. Despite the many efforts made since then, today in the EU more than 100,000 substances are being marketed. And for the majority of these, there is very little, or no information available. With the...

  • Biosafety


    The department of Biosafety of LABAQUA came about as a response to the need for a guarantee of biological confidence in our occupational environment and installations.