LABARONNE-CITAF has been designing and manufacturing flexible structure in high-resistance coated polyester fabric for storing, treating and transporting various types of liquid. LABARONNE-CITAF has been based in Vienne near Lyon (Rhône-Alpes Region of France) since 1972. Today, more than 3,000 flexible tanks are manufactured and installed around the world each year, serving Civil Protection, the Armed Forces, International Humanitarian Organisations, Communities, Agriculture, Industry, Construction and the Environment. As a regular supplier to the Armed Forced and UN agencies, LABARONNE-CITAF is registered with the United Nations under no. 150174 (level 4) and with the NAMSA under no. 4000053463. LABARONNE-CITAF had a turnover of €8.3 million in 2012, and employs fifty permanent staff. LABARONNE-CITAF bladder tanks are the result of acknowledged expertise and over 50 years experience.

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ZI Monplaisir Rue du Champ de Courses , PONT-EVEQUE , 38780 France

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Environmental - Environmental Management
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Globally (various continents)

The first free-standing flexible tank (Patent no. 1.460.825) was built in the 1950s in Algeria by the company’s founder André LABARONNE.

The manufacturing process for LABARONNE-CITAF bladder tanks is ISO9001 : 2008 certified (certificate 71 100 J 513) and ISO14001 : 2004 certified (71 104 K 058).

LABARONNE-CITAF also has the following technical approvals : CSTB 17/10 -226 and 17/10 -226*add.

Over the years, the company has extended the scope of its expertise and is today developing its business in sectors such as Environment (rainwater harvesting, sewage sludge storage, biodigestate storage, fire water reservoirs) and in international markets (water supply reserves for living compounds and mining sites, rainwater harvesting, drinking water storage, etc.).

A sales office has been open in Spain since 2008, based in Barcelona.
Two more offices were opened in 2012, based in Hô chi Minh and Moscow.
In order to be closer to our customer, a subsidiary based in Santiago de Chile has been opened in 2013.

The company aims to make 50 % of its turnover from export within 2 years.

The technical office comprises :

  • the After-Sales service,
  • the Logistics department,
  • the Quality department
  • the R&D and innovation department.

Our specialist engineers develop and perfect new processes and respond to our customers’ technical requests.

Located in the 'Zone Industrielle de Leveau' in Vienne (38), the company premises cover a total surface area of 2500 m2 and a new 6500 m2 site will open at the beginning of 2012.
This huge industrial project positions LABARONNE-CITAF as the uncontested market leader, always at the forefront of technology with its 100% French production.

The new premises covering 1.5 hectares are located in Pont Evêque, France (38780) – in the 'ZAC Montplaisir' business park. This plant will double the company’s production capacity.