Labkotec Oy

Labkotec is a leading measurement equipment manufacturer and related services provider for various industrial applications. Founded in 1964 Labkotec has a long experience of providing innovative measurement solutions for many kinds of applications. Our mission is to provide solutions which enhance our customers’ business and help them to protect the environment and people.

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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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Measure your success with Labkotec

Labkotec Oy is a leading Finnish manufacturer and supplier of electronic measuring technology. Labkotec’s expertise is regularly relied upon by both industrial enterprises and municipal utility companies.

Labkotec was founded more than 40 years ago as a sub-division of Wavin-Labko Oy, specialising in measuring technology. Labkotec Oy has been operating as an independent limited company since August 2007, as part of the international Indutrade Group.

Distinctive competence

Over the years, we have complemented our expertise in high-precision level gauges for tanks and silos, leak detection systems for liquid containers, and alarm devices for oil, grease and sand separators with our own, reliable data transmission technology, which we now use in all our measuring and monitoring applications.

Automation and detector technology, PC and web-based remote monitoring systems, and our latest conquest – ice detection systems for critical installations in extreme weather conditions – now play a key role in our business. We also represent the ultimate cutting edge on our market in these applications.

Protecting our environment

We now also supply the market’s most sensitive flow measuring technology, which can be used in pipes and open channels alike. The system produces information not just on volume but also on the surface level and profile of the flow. New additions to our product range include versatile and user-friendly analytic tools for both drinking water and sewage flows.

Explosive atmospheres and closely monitored environments, such as ports, have set new requirements on devices and systems. Our sensors and communication units comply with the ATEX and ISPS standards.