Ladybugz Consulting and Management

Ladybugz Consulting and Management

As a mission Ladybugz works to deliver a consulting and management excellent service thanks to the introduction of the Sustainable Development best practices in each step of the project cycle and in each of our fields of action. We support our clients` growth by analyzing, developing and structuring their business ideas, building strong and stable partnerships between the different actors of the international economy connected through private investors and public grants or calls. Ladybugz has been established in northern Italy in May 2007, thanks to the professional knowledge and passion of its young founders on European policies, which are among the first in the world in terms of effort in the dissemination of Sustainable Development principles. Ladybugz wants to contribute to make this European Dream a reality.

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via Machiavelli, 1 , Carpi , Modena 41100 Italy

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Consulting firm
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Value and Code of Conduct
As any other organisation, we operate in a surrounding environment to satisfy needs. Since our main core business is sustainable development, it is essential to state how do we define it. With this intent we quote the Brundtland Commission Report (1987) which gives, maybe for the first time in a comprehensive way, a definition of Sustainable Development:

'Sustainable Development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs'.

We believe in this statement and we are pursing sustainable development to the best of our knowledge and expertise.

Nonetheless, our perspective on sustainable development is primarily focussed on future scenarios study in order to operate the best choice of nowadays, being aware of possible consequences of our actions.

We believe that in a sustainable society, nature is not systematically subject to the extraction of substances from the Earth's crust, concentration of substances produced/thrown away by the society, degradation of nature by human beings.  

In a sustainable society, people are not systematically subject to conditions that undermine their ability to meet their own needs.

Reaching a sustainable society means to us to move strategically towards a world where all these conditions are met.