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  • Services - Waste Management

    Lamor offers total waste management from training and consulting to treatment and disposal. Aiming to clean the world, we provide a full range of innovative solutions for plastic and debris collection, along with soil remediation.

  • Waste Management - General

    Waste Management - General

    Lamor Services provide integrated hazardous and non-hazardous waste management services to a range of oil and gas and other industrial clients. We follow the key principles of: Waste recovery, reuse and recycling; Long term sustainable solutions; Utilizing best available technologies.

  • Hazardous Waste Management Services

    Hazardous Waste Management Services

    Lamor is at the forefront of providing hazardous waste management services to industry and commerce. Born out of our dedication and commitment to our oil spill services business, we now have now grown into a leading international provider of hazardous waste services. Our approach is to tackle the individual needs of our customers through the provision of technical expertise and know-how, ensuring that maximum value is extracted whilst maintaining...

  • Non-Hazardous Waste Management Services

    Non-Hazardous Waste Management Services

    Lamor has extensive experience in the management and operation of non-hazardous waste management. Whether it's waste associated with oil and gas or other industries, Lamor is able to offer solutions that best fit the needs of the client. Industries served include: oil & gas; manufacturing & production; utilities and the public sector. We follow the tenets of the 'Waste Hierarchy' - whereby we manage wastes from - 'cradle-to-grave' -, ensuring...

  • Treatment & Disposal Services

    Treatment & Disposal Services

    Lamor understands the requirements to treat and dispose of all wastes in a safe, efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly way. We are able to choose the right technology that fits the application and this can be on- or off-site depending on the specific client requirements. We have access to a range of technologies and can design, build, finance and operate a range of waste management facilities and solutions. Treatment and disposal...

  • Consulting, Planning & Training Services

    Consulting, Planning & Training Services

    Lamor is mindful that waste management services need to be carefully planned and developed in line with internal stakeholder requirements and external regulations. Lamor can support clients to identify and develop a waste management strategy, seek permits and planning approval, and train personnel in best practices. Lamor can call upon a network of subject matter experts and associates to help clients formalize and enact their waste management...

  • Total Waste Management Services

    Total Waste Management Services

    Rather than thinking about procuring individual waste services, why not engage Lamor to provide a total waste management service contract. This approach provides many economies of scale, from streamlined management and manpower, through to the provision of combined resources that keep capital expenditures and operational costs to a minimum.

  • Marpol Compliant Port Waste Reception Facilities

    Marpol Compliant Port Waste Reception Facilities

    The establishment and provision of port waste management reception facilities is an integral part of any port authorities' compliance requirements, as governed by the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973, MARPOL Convention. The key requirements are: The port authority shall ensure the availability of waste reception facilities adequate to meet the needs of ships. The port authority provides the means capable of...

  • Waste Material Recovery & Recycling Services

    Waste Material Recovery & Recycling Services

    Waste in many parts of the world is now regarded as a resource and at Lamor we seek to add value to the wastes that we manage for our clients. Be it plastic or recovered oil, Lamor works with a range of stakeholders to identify and promote greater resource efficiency. We bring together the supply chain to enable circular economies to be created. We identify longer lasting and sustainable treatment solutions that provide maximum resource recovery. We...