Land Resource Consultants, Inc.

Land Resource Consultants, Inc.

LRC can provide Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Site Design and Permitting Services in support of your development efforts. LRC Specializes in assisting in the upfront environmental investigations and is capable of bringing the project through closure. LRC personell have conducted Phase I Site Assessments on hundreds of sites in the Northeast region on properties ranging from vacant land to abandoned industrial facilities. LRC is confident that we can provide a total package that will be committed to the required deadline and be cost-effective for your needs.

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85 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 103 , Poughkeepsie , NY 12601 USA

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Service provider
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Regionally (various states or provinces)
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History & Philosophy
In 1999 the LRC Group started with a goal: to provide outstanding land planning, site design and project management services on par with large firms of national acclaim, but with the client attentiveness and benefits of a smaller team. Originally comprised of four partners offering civil engineering, land planning and environmental services, the LRC Group has now grown to over 20 dedicated professionals with two offices – one in the central Connecticut Town of Cromwell, the original in the Hudson River Valley City of Poughkeepsie, New York. As a fundamental part of the firm’s maturity and growth, LRC now also offers services of land surveying, master planning, sustainable site design, and landscape architecture. This diversity of professional expertise allows us to assemble a team able to provide a comprehensive and collaborative approach to the land development, redevelopment, or preservation process. We continue to adhere to our founding goal and our results are consistently cost effective real-world design and planning services that are responsive to our client’s needs and objectives.

Among the three principals of the LRC Group, there is a wealth of professional and technical experience – over 80 years of combined backgrounds with outstanding project records in the region. This experience combined with the fresh innovative thinking of added staff professionals and recent graduates from some of the most notable engineering programs in the region yields a dynamic design team committed to excellence on all project development levels. Our range is represented by the breadth of our professional registrations – LRC has Engineers, Land Surveyors and Landscape Architects licensed in the states of Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania.

As one of its core philosophies, LRC is committed to innovative and sustainable approaches to site and land planning—and has been from the beginning. Solutions that are localized and less infrastructure intensive frequently have the added benefit of being cost effective and foster better neighbors. We approach projects by conceptualizing a variety of solutions early in the project design process and have the experience to be able to discern those most viable. We find that having services such as landscape architecture, environmental and land survey in-house is very complimentary to the core engineering practice and enhances each service whether passively or actively engaged. As a result, our site solutions are unavoidably well served by collaboration regardless of the nature of the project.

LRC is building an ongoing reputation for its integrity in balancing client and community needs while complying with an ever tightening regulatory environment. In the communities we work in, we have developed a reputation for producing designs that are professionally sound, plans that are technically superior, and project management that is committed to meeting client and community needs. This commitment is frequently represented by praise and recommendations from municipal planners, planning and zoning boards, wetland commissioners, elected officials, and fellow professionals.