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Land Use Consultants

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  • Planning & Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

    Environmental Impact Assessment

    LUC has played a pioneering role in EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) in the UK since the 1970s. We are Registrants of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA)’s Quality Mark Scheme and are fully committed to finding innovative design and environmental solutions for our clients.

  • Sustainability Appraisal / Strategic Environmental Assessment

    Sustainability Appraisal / Strategic Environmental Assessment

    Our environmental planning team has a long track record of undertaking SA (Sustainability Appraisal) and SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment). LUC planners take an innovative approach to SA/SEA ensuring that whilst legislative requirements are met, the process does not become a ‘box-ticking’ exercise. Instead, we seek to work closely with the plan-making team to ensure that the SA/SEA significantly improves the contribution the plan...

  • Habitats Regulations Assessment

    Habitats Regulations Assessment

    Since the introduction of the requirement to undertake HRA (Habitats Regulations Assessment) of development plans in 2006, LUC's planning and ecology teams have helped develop best practice in HRA. We worked closely with Natural England, a joint consultants’ group (which formulated informal guidance for HRA in advance of the Government’s guidance) and a number of planning bodies at both the regional and local level. In...

  • Strategies, Plans and Policies

    Strategies, Plans and Policies

    LUC planners are experienced in developing plans and policies at a local and national level, and have done so for a wide range of public sector clients and NGOs. Our understanding of the spatial planning system enables us to develop plans and policies which are robust, appropriate and deliverable.

  • Research and Guidance

    Research and Guidance

    We have a wide and long-standing range of experience in undertaking research and preparing guidance for Government departments and agencies, industry bodies, planning authorities and advisory groups. Research can be specifically related to planning issues, such as environmental capacity studies, and used to help inform policy development or have a broader environmental scope such as studies on the environmental economy. This area of work also covers...

  • Consultation and Facilitation

    Consultation and Facilitation

    LUC has extensive experience of community engagement, consultation, capacity-building, building consensus and action planning through participatory appraisal and event facilitation. Successful engagement with stakeholders is a pre-requisite for much of the planning work we do.

  • Town Planning & Site Assessment

    Town Planning & Site Assessment

    With considerable experience of the statutory planning process, we act for the public, private and voluntary sectors on a wide range of town planning and site assessment issues. We have a proven track record in managing all stages of the planning application process from design concept to completion. Our team offers detailed planning advice for both large and small scale redevelopment, as well as new build projects in sensitive locations.