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Landloch Pty Ltd

Landloch Pty Ltd is a specialist environmental consultancy in soil, water, climate and plant interactions for all forms of land management and/or changes in land use. Landloch has unique qualitative and quantitative capabilities in: erodibility assessment and landform design; soil erosion and landform evolution modelling; slope stabilisation using material selection and vegetation; sediment and nutrient management, and rehabilitation assessment and monitoring. With offices in Toowoomba Queensland, Perth Western Australia, and the Hunter Valley New South Wales, Landloch carries out consultancies across Australia and in Africa, Asia, and the south Pacific. Landloch’s offices include soil and erosion laboratories, manufacturing workshops, and storage facilities. Landloch’s unique field and laboratory based water infiltration and erosion measurement capabilities underpin many of its consultancies and research projects.

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19 Peace Street , Toowoomba , Queensland QLD 4350 Australia

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Erodibility measurement
There is an important distinction between measuring erosion and erodibility, and measurements of erodibility are essential for informed landform design. Landloch is the only organisation in Australia that routinely measures erodibility of soils and mine wastes.

Designing stable rehabilitated landforms
To design stable constructed landforms, Landloch has developed expertise in laboratory and field methods for characterising infiltration and erosion characteristics of soil and spoil. Such data are used in a range of computer models to predict plant growth, runoff, soil water balances, and erosion for a range of slope profile options and spoil / topsoil types. Landform evolution simulations are used to consider longer-term issues.

Rainfall simulation
Landloch regularly uses its rainfall simulators (based in Western Australia and Queensland) for field and laboratory characterisation of infiltration and erosion characteristics of a range of materials. Landloch’s rainfall simulators are highly mobile and have been used in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, Northern Teritory, Africa and in the Pacific. They have been used to study a range of land management practices, including impacts of tillage management on compaction and infiltration in agricultural areas, testing the effectiveness of a range of hydromulch materials, and assessing potential for generation of polluted seepage and runoff flows from factory areas. Landloch can also provide research groups or organizations with access to rainfall simulator equipment and expertise in its use at a relatively small cost.