Landustrie Sneek BV

Landustrie Sneek BV

With over a century of global experience Landustrie has become a leading player in the field of water and wastewater management. Our basis was laid around 1913. The company was active in the agricultural market sector and involved with polder drainage at an early stage. As early as 1916 electrically driven pumping stations were installed with Archimedean screw pumps, together with the countless pumping stations with so-called wind motors. After some time, in addition to the polder drainage pumps, pumps for handling sewage were developed. By the 1950`s this advance opened the way to wastewater purification units being used widely and efficiently. Also research, development and innovation are very important to keep ahead in the present water market. Worth mentioning are: LANDY hydropower screws for generating sustainable energy. New decentralized sanitation techniques, featured by reduction of energy consumption and contribution to a circular economy.

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Pieter Zeemanstraat 6 , Sneek , 8606 JR Netherlands
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water Treatment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

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In 2013 Landustrie celebrated its 100th anniversary. The foundations were laid around 1913, when the company was active in the agricultural sector and the evolving phases of polder drainage. By the 1950s Landustrie started with wastewater purification installations and ten years later the renown and respected LANDY product name became wellknown abroad.

Landustrie designs, produces and installs equipment for handling water and wastewater. All our LANDY products are made in our purpose built factory in Sneek, The Netherlands. Today Landustrie is a state-of-the-art manfacturing and engineering company, combining traditional proven products and techniques with high-tech innovations.

Over 100 years experience in water
Reliable equipment and solutions for water and wastewater all over the world

Pump solutions
With our wide range of pumps it's our goal to fulfil your pump challenges

Hydropower screw turbines
Our Landy Archimedean hydropower screw turbines provide a fish-friendly and cost-effective source of green energy

Aeration systems
In-house process know-how and knowledge of different configurations

Water management
Solutions for irrigation, drainage, stormwater, flood control etc

Machine factory
Modernly equipped production facilities

Landustrie is ISO 9001 certified since 1996. Our QA department certifies that all business processes are being applied according ISO guidelines. In november 2006 Landustrie extended her qualification with EN ISO 3834-2 (formerly known as EN 729-2) in order to meet the quality requirements for welding.

Landustrie is also in the possession of VCA** certification. VCA stands for Veiligheids Checklist Aannemers (Contractors’ Safety Checklist) which guarantees that our employees work according all safety guidelines. The VCA certificate guarantees a structural safety management which will not only reduce the risk of serious accidents but also realise a higher quality. The two star certification (**) means that Landustrie is allowed to work as a subcontractor as well as maincontractor.

All Landustrie products comply with the requirements of CE marking and product directives such as directive of machinery, low voltage directive and electromagnetic compatibility.

STP Saint Martin, Antilles Archipelago

Water is a vital source of life and exists all around us. Our activities and products revolve around it. We have the expertise and capabilities to provide solutions for every segment in the water chain. Our LANDY products are used for handling wastewater, surface water and for generating renewable energy (hydropower screws).

Landustrie has been active in the water technology sector for more than 100 years. Our strength lies not only in our extensive experience but also in the quality of our reliable products and our pragmatic attitude. We like to think along with our customers when it comes to finding the optimal solution of a problem or design and delivery of a project.

Despite Landustrie’s rich history, we continue to focus on new technologies, innovate and develop our products. Sustainability is one of the important pillars in our product development process.

We believe it is important to take good care of our environment and to be responsible for our surroundings and all those involved. With this in mind, we strive to reduce our CO2 emissions and carbon footprint. In May 2018, Landustrie obtained the Dutch CO2 awareness certificate. Our management system for the CO2 awareness of activities now complies with the requirements of level 3 of the handbook CO2 Performance Ladder, version 3.0. Results are regularly released on our website.

Accelerating water challenges means that besides good water quality, sustainable water use is of vital importance. Globally, water management plays a major role. We are confronted with rising sea levels and extreme weather resulting in flooding, and on the other hand, with growing fresh water shortage. Landustrie is motivated to contribute to the global water management by providing solutions. For instance, our Landy hydropower screw, a highly efficient, cost effective and enviromentally friendly hydropower turbine system, is specifically designed to generate green energy.

In the field of aeration technology, we also provide environmentally friendly, sustainable and economically viable products. Landustrie helps you to achieve a truly sustainable process by combining many years of aeration engineering experience with professional project guidance throughout the entire process.

Our factory in Sneek

To ensure the absolute highest quality product, we manufacture all of our LANDY products at our factory in Sneek, the Netherlands. At our 15.000 m2 state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we have all of the latest technology to manufacture and assemble products of various materials. Each step of the manufacturing process is performed under our roof and more importantly, under our quality control programs.

Our end products meet the standards set by Stoomwezen, Lloyd’s Register, Germanischer Lloyd, DNV, ABS and WSA.

All Landustrie products are manufactured according the European guidelines. We are certifi ed according to:

  • ISO 9001
  • EN 3834-2
  • Contractors’ Safety Checklist VCA**
  • ATEX certifi cate for EC-Type examination
  • Kiwa BRL-K14020/01 “Quality-controlled maintenance of
  • pumps and pumping stations”


LANDY products aremarketed worldwide and installed in all continents, in more than 70 different countries. An extensive network of agents and distributors is available for local service, advice and sales. Our own team of specialized technicians ensures that all LANDY products are assembled and put into operation on site. Supervision of a client’s local team is also possible.

Full-scale aeration test basin at Sneek, the Netherlands

For the municipal and industrial market, Landustrie designs and supplies equipment that can be found in every phase of wastewater treatment process, from Archimedes screw pumps to screen cleaning equipment and aeration systems.

Landustrie has extensive knowledge and experience, and a strong track record in the field of wastewater treatment. This gives Landustrie the opportunity to design the most optimal aeration systems and to implement the most efficient aeration configuration.

We also recognize that innovation in wastewater technology is of utmost importance. Main issues are how to reduce energy consumption and contribute to a circular economy. This has led to new innovative sanitation solutions such as decentralized wastewater treatment, resulting in the regeneration of valuable material, and residues that are reused for energy production.

Flood prevention pumping station Lingen, Germany

Optimal water management and control is crucial in our low-lying country. Landustrie is proud to play a part in water management solutions by supplying all kinds of equipment for (polder) pumping stations, weirs, locks and flood control for more than a century. This equipment includes LANDY weed screening units, Archimedes screw pumps and axial flow pumps.

In addition to mechanical engineering works, Landustrie is also capable of procuring electrical and civil works. In close consultation with the customer, a complete Design & Construct plan can be made, whereby Landustrie takes full responsibility for the design, implementation and maintenance.

We also focus on fish friendliness. Several fish-friendly pumping stations have been realised, enabling fish to migrate undisturbed and harm-free.

In-house pump assembly line

The philosophy behind the design of our wastewater pumps, both submersible and dry-installed, is quality, simplicity, durability, and low maintenance needs. Our goal is to maximise your investment returns with the minimum environmental impact, while providing a robust product that is tailored to your needs. These basics are what you will find in all products that are built and tested in our workshops in Sneek. Since wastewater can be contaminated with different materials and chemicals, Landustrie can supply the pumps in a wide variety of materials and with the necessary certifications. For you as our customer, Landustrie‘s goal is to fulfil your pump challenges in a satisfying way.

For selecting the most efficient pump we offer our LANDY-Sel pump selection program. Using a clear interface with basic questions the program guides you to the best selection. Pipework and friction loss calculations are also covered in the program along with the individual data sheets for all pumps.

Before shipment, all LANDY pumps are checked hydraulically in our own test facility, prior to shipping. A witnessed test certificate is available. All pumps are supplied with an unique serial number and test curve.

Hydropower scheme Steinsau-Erstein, Alsace, France

Flowing water is a relentless, never ending source of power for pure, clean renewable energy. All you need to benefit from this natural resource is a LANDY hydropower screw system.

Landustrie designs, builds and installs highly efficient, cost effective and environmentally beneficial hydropower turbine system solutions, which are specifically designed for relatively low head, high flow river courses. Even in some situations where a combination of pump storage/ hydropower generation is possible, we are able to provide a LANDY Hydropower screw pump; the all in one machine!

Landustrie produces a wide range of equipment for (waste)

  • water treatment, which includes :
  • Archimedes screw pumps
  • Hydropower screws
  • Surface aerators and brush aerators
  • LANDOX fl ow boosters
  • Screen cleaners
  • Pumps
  • Equipment for STP and decentralized sanitation
  • After Sales