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  • Hydrant Flow Meter

  • Horizontal Hydrant Flow Meter

    Horizontal Hydrant Flow Meter

    The Horizontal Hydrant Flow Meter provides unrivalled accuracy of ±0.5% within a wide flow range. The swan neck design ensures that the electromagnetic sensor of the AquaMaster is always full. As the sensor has no moving parts, debris often found in the water supply or valves does not cause any damage which is common with paddle wheel technologies.

  • Vertical Hydrant Flow Meter

    Vertical Hydrant Flow Meter

    Our Vertical Standpipe Flow Meter is fitted with an ABB AquaMaster. The battery powered electromagnetic AquaMaster offers unrivalled accuracy of ±0.5% within a wide operating flow range.

  • Boundary Box Adaptors

  • Flow and Pressure Adaptor

    Flow and Pressure Adaptor

    Langham Industrial Controls recognise that there is a need within the Water Industry to measure both flow and pressure at the boundary box. This can be achieved by connecting a manifold meter and dual channel data logger to the Langham Industrial Controls Flow and Pressure Adaptor. This leading edge development allows simultaneous monitoring and analysis of flow and pressure data on customers' water supply.

  • Pulse Signal Splitters

  • Model LPS 12 - Pulse Signal Splitters

    Model LPS 12 - Pulse Signal Splitters

    Langham Industrial Controls Ltd Pulse Splitter is designed to split the pulse signal from a single utility meter to multiple data acquisition systems such as data loggers, AMR devices and PLCs. The Pulse splitter is fully potted to provide ingress protection to IP68. The Pulse Splitters is a passive device that does not require batteries.  The 2-way and 3-way splitters are produced as standard with bare ends and input and output cables of 1 meter...

  • Other Products

  • Elster - Model H3000 - LRP Pulse Units

    Elster - Model H3000 - LRP Pulse Units

    Langham Industrial Controls recondition H3000 LRP Pulse Units. Send us your faulty units and where possible we will clean, strip down and repair them.

  • Spring Loaded Lifting System

    Spring Loaded Lifting System

    The Spring Action Lifting Key is designed to benefit both the Customer and the Operative.  The spring ensures that the key remains securely attached to the lid during removal, reducing the risk of it dropping onto the Operatives feet or any equipment below. The spring also prevents the key from being dropped through the hole in the chamber lid and damaging any meters or valves below. The traditional lifting key with painted finish is prone to...

  • Acoustic Listening Sticks

    Acoustic Listening Sticks

    The majority of acoustic listening sticks use a wooden earpiece which is prone to being damaged if dropped, Langham Industrial Controls Listening Stick has a robust nylon earpiece which offers increased shatter resistance without compromising it's sensitivity. Coupled with a 1500mm stainless steel shaft and no need for batteries, cables or headphones it offers the perfect tool for fast effective leak detection.

  • Stand Pipe

    Stand Pipe

    Langham Industrial Control's Standpipes are fabricated to a high standard using castings produced in the UK. They are sold at a standard height of approximately 900mm or a bespoke height to suit the customers application. Many configurations are available including single head, double head and contractors. Double check valves are also available and a pressure tapping can be included to enable pressure monitoring or safe pressure release on temporary...

  • Lay Flat Hose

    Lay Flat Hose

    Langham Industrial Controls supply lay flat hose for potable drinking water which is WRAS Approved to BS6920-1:2000. This high quality hose is manufactured with a circular woven jacket from a 100% high tenacity polyester yarn with a thermoplastic liner & cover . Available in a wide variety of lengths and diameters Langham Industrial Controls can supply the hose only or with hose couplings. The hose is easy to clean and requires no...