LanMesh Wireless

LanMesh Wireless

Founded in 2007, LanMesh Wireless is a small start-up specialized in control system software and solution for various applications. We have developed  Solar Energy Management Software for renewable energy, Mobile application for Industrial Control System, secure wireless data acquisition and processing, Fleet Management and Intelligent Logistic Control system.

Company details

Unit 3, 100 Hanlan Road, , Vaughan , Ontario L4L 4V8 Canada

Locations Served

Business Type:
Software vendor
Industry Type:
Solar Power
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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The Company's mission is to bridge the booming domestic demand for industry automation software with high quality, turn-key solution from small medium enterprise. 

The LanMesh founding team pioneered the research and development of wireless software technology and its integration into enterprise application. We have well trained and licensed engineer in Industry Automation and Logistics Automation field, with industry recognized certification, and have the prove record to deliver professional  service to meet the needs of our customers. 

Our commitment to our our comer is to deliver high quality with a cost-effective solution and instant customer support. 

We provide our own software and engineering turn-key solution in these area: 

Solar Energy Management Solution

Our secure web based Smart Energy Management software collect data and control wind turbine or solar electrical component more easily. With the help of flexible architecture of our solution, it support legacy or emerging network standard by a quick develop of communication driver. The existing supported interface include Modbus, DNP3, RS485, IEEE802.11, Ethernet, ZigBee, 6LowPAN and more.

Intelligent Data Acquisition and Processing System (DAPS) solution 

LanMesh Wireless offers a unique expertise in secure wireless control and monitor network technologies, and complete end-to-end turn-key solutions. We has started the research for heterogeneous Data Acquisition and Processing System (DAPS) solution emerged since on 2003. Having accumulated strong engineering design experience, we are able to to commit our customer a fast delivery to deliver a medium size AS-IS system.  

Web Based & Stand-alone Desktop SCADA software

Support almost all industry standard interface, our web based and desktop SCADA software dramatically simply the installation, and maintenance of industry automation control used for manufacturer plant, retail warehouse, oil, gas, power generator company.  The core of LanMesh SCADA Web Based software runs on a gateway machine and all device connecting this gateway, either through wire, or wireless. Processed data are pumped to a secure web server. Administrator can easily control and monitor SCADA in remote site. 

Smart Phone application for Industrial Automation Control

Imagine how easy and convenient to monitor and control anywhere in a secure way by using Android based system. Lanmesh Wireless is among one of the first vendor provide Android smartphone based application in Canada market.  

School Bus Tracking system

LanMesh provides state of the art real time Vehicle Tracking and Management System, which can be used to track and dispatch bus, school bus, truck and public service vehicle like fire truck and police car through secure communication.