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LanzaTech is revolutionizing the way the world thinks about carbon. By turning waste carbon from a liability to an opportunity, we are accelerating the reduction of harmful emissions while creating new economic opportunities for companies, communities and countries around the world. At the heart of the LanzaTech process is our patented, wholly-owned microbes that convert carbon rich wastes and residues produced by industries such as steel manufacturing, oil refining and chemical production, as well as gases generated by gasification of forestry and agricultural residues, municipal waste into valuable fuel and chemical products through a process of gas fermentation. These waste resources don’t compete with land, food or water providing the world with a wholly sustainable alternative energy solution.

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8045 Lamon Ave, Suite 400 , Skokie , Illinois 60077 USA

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Energy - Waste to Energy
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Globally (various continents)
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LanzaTech is revolutionizing the way the world thinks about waste carbon by treating it as an opportunity instead of a liability. LanzaTech’s novel gas-to-liquid technology has opened up vast new sources for making low-carbon chemicals and fuels that displace petroleum without the environmental concerns associated with crop- and land-based bioproducts.

LanzaTech’s bioprocessing platform offers an economically robust route to carbon capture and re-use enabling the monetization of local gas sources with minimal capital investment, giving off-grid communities access to clean, cost competitive and reliable energy.

Our goal is to become a global market leader in the design and production of alternative fuel and chemical solutions that address all 3 pillars of sustainability.

Our strategy to achieve this goal includes:

Highest Safety Standards
LanzaTech’s commercial plants will operate to the highest safety standards and will effectively convert a variety of abundant, non-food, low value feed stocks into clean bioethanol and platform chemicals.

Rapid Commercialization Plan
LanzaTech has adopted a rapid commercialization plan that has seen the technology evolve from a gas-to-ethanol technology to a fully sustainable integrative gas to fuels and chemicals platform, proven at scale, that can be deployed globally.

Highly Differentiated Technology
LanzaTech continues to operate a gas fermentation technology with greatest feedstock and end-product flexibility.

Compelling Production Economics
Benefit of low costs through application of wastes and residues as feedstocks.

World Class Team
Leading experts on LanzaTech’s Science Advisory Board and Board of Directors continue to be engaged with LanzaTech’s technological development.

Triple Bottom Line
LanzaTech’s operations will continue to address the 3 pillars of sustainability, economic, social and environmental.

Today, we are well on our way to achieving our goal with a technology, company, investors and business model that is proving that global industries can grow sustainably; that regional economies can create energy without sacrificing food or water; and that local communities have new options for control over their fuel and energy.