Laser Diagnostic Instruments AS

Laser Diagnostic Instruments AS

Laser Diagnostic Instruments develops and makes sensing systems that analyze substances in real time. Combining photonics with software analysis, our products excel at detecting specific molecules in complex solutions. LDI has been working on remote-sensing technologies since 1991. Our most sophisticated products are aircraft and ship-mounted laser based (LiDAR) systems that can detect spills once oil has sunk beneath the surface. Demand for simpler, more flexible devices that would catch early surface spills in real-time led us to develop ROW. We hold nine core technology patents and continue to innovate. We aim to ensure that industrial processes remain safe and risks to the environment are managed responsibly. Because remote sensing is our passion, you can count on us standing by your side for years to come.

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Kopliranna str. 49 , Tallinn , 11713 Estonia
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Water Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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LDI offers analytical sensors to address environmental, industrial and bio-medical issues, together with a range of software products that control measurements and handle data. LDI principal products and services are based electro-optical and photonics technologies aimed at the real-time data assessment.

At the cutting-edge of laser and fluorescence-based diagnostics, LDI is positioned to explore new applications. LDI may have a simple, fast, value-added solution for your quality control and hazard analysis programs. Contact us, we would be happy to discuss application of LDI products or customizing a system specific to your application.


ROW - Remote Optical Watcher
 is an autonomous remote non-contact sensor that detects oil on water in real time. It uses oil’s natural fluorescence to detect any hydrocarbon from crude oil to jet fuel, and alerts you immediately.

It is an early warning system that alerts you of oil leaks and spills, ensuringthat small spills do not get out of hand. Industry leading sensitivity allows ROW to reliably detect surface slicks down to 1 micron. Using ROW’sconfiguration software, alarm levels can be set to suit the client’s needs and local environmental standards, minimising false alarms. Hermeticallysealed and IP68 certified, ROW is designed to run autonomously in thetoughest of environments.

Operating day or night, networked ROW sensors help pinpoint thepollution source, and prompts action to avoid lasting damage. In most cases, ROW will operate on wired power and data lines. However, for full autonomy in hard-to-reach locations, optional solar panels and wirelesssetups are available.

When oil is detected, ROW can alert site personnel in a variety of ways: e-mail, SMS message and visual/audible alarms can be installed locally and/or alarms can be raised in central control rooms.


The sensors are pressurized with nitrogen,to prevent condensation and water penetrating the aluminium enclosure. Robust IP68 certified hermetic design allows ROW to keep operating even in extreme weather conditions. This makes ROW completely water resistant and lowers theneed for maintenance.

Low power consumption of <2W allows remote operation off the grid (with optional solar panels and battery).

The sensors are fitted with a self-check mechanism, and will let you know if there is a problem. 

To detect oil slicks as thin as a single micron from up to 10m above the water, ROW pulses a UV beam at the surface and excites any oil molecules in the target area. Using oil’s native fluorescence, ROW picks up the signal from tell-tale substances and alerts the site operator.

The sensor system and advanced software algorithms are carefully calibrated to detect oil and minimize false alarms. In fact, its level of accuracy is stunning: The average thickness of an oil slick is 0.1mm, but ROW can detect some oil down to only 0.001mm*.

Based in Estonia, Laser Diagnostic Instruments develops and makes sensing systems that analyse substances

in real time. Demand for simpler, more flexible devices that would catch early surface spills in real-time led u to the development of ROW. More information on ROW, is available on the website at 

Product: SFS-Analyzers

The technology of Spectral Fluorescence Signatures (SFS) is a very sensitive and selective tool to monitor many industrial processes on site and in real-time. The SFS analyzer series – SFS-Scanner and Instant Screener spectrofluorometers - are capable of detecting target substances even in complex mixtures without any pre-treatment of the samples.

The Instant Screener is a more universal spectrofluorometer, which utilizes SFS to measure organic compounds in optically dense liquid and solid samples. Due to this feature it is well applicable to monitor production processes and provide quality control in food and pharmaceutical industries.