The natural simplicity of wood, its fragrance, its history that is so closely intertwined with the history of man: deeply rooted in the heart of wood itself, the mission behind La.So.Le. Est business is to avoid wasting this precious resource, perfecting modern technology capable of recovering and valorising by-products of primary processing, upgrading them and giving them new high quality life cycles.

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Quality is a family tradition
The story behind La.So.Le. Est (Lavorazione Sottoprodotti Legno – Wood By-product Processors) goes hand in hand with the Garzitto family history: since 1962, the Garzitto’s have marked every step of the long road towards a company reputation that has progressively unfolded into its current standing as one of Italy’s and Europe’s market leaders in engineered wood flour for industry and wood chip for animal breeding.

A success story built and consolidated on the business acumen of the company owners and by their constant and unremitting focus on quality at all levels of the production cycle: from sourcing to processing through to delivery.

Growth has been profoundly underpinned by the company’s basic values: sobriety, reliability and a “family” care for the customer. These values are stronger now than ever before in the company’s top management, which has now reached its third generation.

The company is certified ISO 9001



Innovation and technological development
This has always been a driving force behind La.So.Le. Est operations. Its commitment in finding new solutions and innovative applications has always played a foremost role, fuelled by a vivid curiosity in towards different markets, moreover sustained by the participation in shows and trade fairs of many different industrial fields, seen as fertile 'ground' for finding new ideas.

The constant and in-depth research is also aided by collaboration with the University of Trieste and University of Udine, while an in-house laboratory ensures the efficacy of the quality control system, also assisted by the consulting services of accredited institutes such as CRAD and CATAS.

The commitment in innovation also results in constant, repeated investments for upgrading and technologically innovating the process plant: La.So.Le. Est can currently count on a full machine park with cutting edge technology, structured for large-scale production capable of satisfying even very big batches.

Naturally there is also modern machinery specifically dedicated to experimenting new product applications.



A focus on the Customer
The customer has always come first: La.So.Le. Est operations are underpinned by constant improvement in the product range and services with a continuous exchange where each enquiry and/or suggestion is welcomed as a new idea for further advancement.

La.So.Le. Est customers can count on a really first class variety in its range, distinguished by an excellent quality to price ratio and further widened by the possibility of offering customer-specific solutions, targeting very precise objectives. The guarantee of a constant product quality, always dedusted, ventilated and demagnetised, is ensured by the uniformity of the raw materials (strictly beech or fir only), in addition to the process certification. The high production capacity guarantees supplies at any time, while the consolidated partnerships with shipping companies ensures constant reliability in deliveries.


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Water and Wastewater

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Internationally (various countries)

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