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Launch Factory 88

Many foreign companies struggle to successfully distribute and sell their products in China; they battle with a lack of sales despite proven market potential, worsening results as the years progress and struggle to support and manage their distributors effectively. Yet there are also many foreign companies that thrive in the Chinese market – and so can you. Take a look at our solutions to learn how we can help you increase your sales, become more competitive and eliminate many of the challenges of doing business in China. Make use of our industry-specific expertise and partner network to ramp up your operations and increase your sales in the Chinese market. Benefit from our 17 years of first-hand experience doing business in China to avoid common pitfalls and ensure a smooth entry or expansion in the market. Take a look at our industry expertise for more information or learn about our own successes in the market.

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Rm 315 Building B, Rainbow Center No. 3051 Hechuan Rd , Minhang District , Shanghai 201103 China

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When someone is considering using our services, they invariably ask three questions: How can you help me become more competitive in China? What expertise do you have in my area of business? Why should we work with you?

Solutions to Jumpstart your Activities China
Our solutions are geared towards industrial B2B companies that want to rapidly gain a competitive edge in the Chinese market. We offer two core services that enable you to expand your operations effectively and cost-efficiently:


Our distribution support platform helps you to manage your Chinese distributors better and increase your local market share. As one of our clients noted “There is simply no better way to jumpstart your operations in China”. Our distribution support platform can significantly cut down your start-up costs, lead times and learning curve – resulting in a faster and higher return on investment. See it as an incubator platform that will propel you into the market and that provides strategic support along the way.

Our industrial manufacturing and high-level assembly services enable you to become more competitive in China and abroad. We can help you engineer your product to local tastes and preferences and localize your manufacturing and assembly processes. As a result you will be able to enjoy global cost-advantages and create a better product-market fit. Read more to learn why 100+ companies chose us as their manufacturing partner.


All of our manufacturing, assembly and warehousing solutions are supervised by European management and are ISO2008:9001 certified. The secure facilities we offer ensure optimal IPR protection, and specialise in high-mix, low-volume manufacturing. Our capabilities include:

  • Product (re)engineering for local market requirements
  • Complex metal and plastic manufacturing
  • Proven network of suppliers
  • Integrated product development solutions
  • Prototyping and modelling
  • IPR management
  • Low-volume/high-mix manufacturing capabilities
  • Secured in-house and high-level assembly
  • Local certification
  • Warehousing
  • ISO9001:2008 certified

Our manufacturing and assembly services go hand-in-hand with our distribution support platform and are there to help you adapt your products to local market requirements and cut down your total cost-of-ownership.

Moving part of your production manufacturing and assembly to China provides multiple benefits; not only will you be able to enjoy global cost-advantages, you will also have the option to adapt your product to local market requirements in China, and become more competitive.

In our manufacturing and assembly processes we strictly manage and supervise the use of your designs and intellectual property to ensure the optimal level of protection.


Is your product designed with the Chinese consumer in mind? In order to create an optimal product-market fit it can be beneficial to redesign your product to fit better with local market requirements. In the majority of times this involves making small adjustments. We work together with local and international designers and can advise you in the redesign of your product.


Our in-house engineers can help you bridge the gap between Western product design and local market requirements and production capabilities. We also provide recommendations in relation to more cost-efficient methods and materials to manufacture your products in China.


As part of your product development process we can offer a wide range of prototyping and modelling techniques including 3D printing and foam modelling.

Localized manufacturing

We specialize in high-mix, low-volume production of complex plastic and metal components. Over the past 17 years we have built up a strong and reliable supplier network and our manufacturing services include high quality surface treatments and precise manufacturing options, including metal processes e.g. extrusion, die-casting, gravity casting and sand casting. We also specialize in plastics, e.g. injection molding, blow molding, over molding and ultrasonic welding.

Secured High-Level Assembly

We have our own fully functional, modern assembly facility located in the Shanghai area that covers a floor space of over 2000 m2. Our facilities are equipped with modern welding, assembly lines, a grey room assembly environment and a wide range of other assembly solutions.