Layfield Group Limited

Layfield is a vertically integrated manufacturer with three main divisions: Environmental Containment, Construction Materials, Flexible Packaging. Layfield Environmental Containment`s products include geomembranes, floating covers, and specialty geosynthetics such as Aqua Dam, Geotube, and Soil Reinforcement geosynthetics. Layfield specialized in High Performance Fortified Geomembranes. Layfield is also a world leader in floating cover technology. We provide single source accountability through our combined abilities to manufacture, fabricate, install, and service.

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Soil and Groundwater
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Globally (various continents)
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The Layfield Construction Materials branch of the Layfield Group includes the manufacture, fabrication and distribution of products to our customers and distributors. This product-focussed branch of Layfield seeks to deliver the right product for our customer's application. The Layfield Materials group works with distributors, contractors, and end users for product selection and delivery of specialty and commodity materials used in the construction industry. The Materials part of Layfield Group provides products in the geosynthetics, film, sheeting, industrial fabrics, and other specialty markets.


Layfield Materials operates a manufacturing plant in Vancouver; fabrication plants in Edmonton, San Diego and Toronto; and distribution facilities in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Seattle, San Diego, and Adelaide.

We use the terms Layfield Materials, and Layfield Construction Materials, to describe the manufacturing, fabrication, and distribution of geosynthetics and industrial fabrics. All installation services are handled through our Environmental Systems companies. Layfield Materials includes the following companies and locations.

Layfield Geosynthetics and Industrial Fabrics Ltd
Edmonton; Fabrication, Distribution, Sales
Calgary; Distribution, Sales
Toronto; Fabrication, Distribution, Sales
Vancouver; Distribution, Sales
Adelaide; Distribution


Layfield Plastics Inc
Seattle; Distribution, Sales
San Diego; Fabrication, Distribution, Sales


Layfield Poly Films Ltd
Vancouver, Manufacturing of films and geomembranes