We are a Global water management, construction and drilling company, providing responsible solutions for the world`s toughest water, mineral and energy challenges. Layne`s experts collaborate across divisional, functional and geographic lines to deliver total solutions for the world`s toughest water, mineral and energy challenges. This integrated approach allows us to offer more than individual services - it ensures streamlined communications, expedited timelines, and a constant focus on safety and sustainability.Our solutions give clients a single point of accountability for even the most complex projects, and enable us to deliver the highest levels of both quality and economic efficiency. While our services are impeccable, it is our solutions that make us truly remarkable.

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Water and Wastewater
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Layne Christensen Company, headquartered in Mission Woods, KS,  was established in 1996, through the acquisition of Christensen Boyles Corporation and Boyles Brothers Drilling Company by Layne, Inc.(established in 1882). Layne Christensen Company exemplifies the capabilities and expertise of an industry leader with more than two hundred years cumulative experience, operating more than 80 integrated offices worldwide, staffed with over 4,500 permanent employees.

Layne Christensen Company provides drilling and related services through three key divisions:

  • Water Infrastructure
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Energy

Our Water Infrastructure group most closely represents the historical origins of Layne, Inc., which began with Mahlon Layne’s water wells and has evolved into a full line of water-related products and services. Offering hydrological studies and engineering, water well design and drilling, water and wastewater treatment facility design and construction, filtration media products, sewer rehabilitation, and more, our Water Infrastructure team delivers a full spectrum of water services.

Within the Water Infrastructure group, Layne Geoconstruction is a leader in the ground improvement and specialty foundation construction industry. Geoconstruction focuses primarily on serving the heavy civil construction market, delivering ground modification and specialized structural support. As our expertise in this area has grown through strategic acquisitions, Layne’s story as an organization has changed — our history now includes a much broader range of services that add value by building upon the needs of the various markets we serve.

Layne Christensen’s Mineral Exploration team is built upon the expertise developed by Elmore and Page Boyles, two brothers who pioneered drilling technology that has served the mineral exploration and mining industry since the late 19th century. Today, Layne Christensen Mineral Exploration deploys more than 150 rigs worldwide to provide advanced drilling services to major mining companies seeking copper, gold, iron ore, and more.

The Layne Energy group is a developer of unconventional shale and natural gas plays. A more recent element of Layne’s portfolio, Layne Energy specializes in coal bed methane and shale gas, making an abundant fuel source available to the domestic market. While our history has been more focused on finding and producing water and minerals, Layne Energy represents opportunity in Layne Christensen’s future.

Who we are today is a reflection of our deep history — one that values integrity, hard work and doing the right thing. Where we go tomorrow will be shaped by our history and defined by the opportunities we create.

Layne safety
The layne christensen company is committed to promoting safety awareness and providing a safe workplace for all employees. Safety is an integral part of our business. Job safety is not just a slogan at layne christensen company – it is our culture. We know that the health and welfare - both mental and physical - of the employee and the employee’s family must always be our highest priority. With a safe work environment and employees following safety rules and practices, accident-related costs can be minimized making layne christensen company more competitive while continuing to offer a solid, growth-oriented environment in which to work. For more information, visit the layne health & safety site.

Layne wellness
Layne christensen company has always understood that our future success depends upon a healthy, thriving workforce today. In 2010, we launched 'constructing a new you,' a comprehensive wellness program that delivers education and helps our employees and their families make more informed health decisions. Over the next year, we aim to better understand the health and wellness needs of the layne christensen population, allowing us to modify future program components to best serve those needs. By leveraging time with employees at regularly scheduled safety meetings, we will continue to communicate health and wellness information throughout the next year.

Layne sustainability
Layne christensen company has a history of being in the sustainability business – we just never considered calling it that. We are a company that brings water to the world and provides communities with the critical infrastructure they need to run effectively. We are a company that contributes to the united states’ domestic fuel supply. And, we are a company that conducts projects all over the world, contributing to the livelihood of the local partners we hire and providing access to important natural resources that support global industries. Today, as our stakeholders seek to better understand what we do and how we do it, we’re pleased to tell our story. Over the next year, our intention is to more fully explore the issues related to sustainability and develop a strategy that considers both the opportunities and risks associated with layne christensen’s environmental, social and economic impacts. We want to better understand the forces driving our key customer markets so that layne can appropriately position or enhance our products and services to meet their sustainability needs. We also intend to continue to operate as an effective, responsible partner. Where opportunities exist to improve our water or energy footprint, we will identify appropriate efficiency or reduction targets. When our expertise is needed to solve major challenges – as it was in 2010 with the chilean miner rescue – we will be there. As a business that has grown, evolved and survived for more than a century, we understand sustainability. Our history is built upon it, and our future depends on it.

Layne community support
Layne christensen company has a history of supporting the communities where we live and work by giving our time, talent and treasure. Because layne christensen’s projects change from year to year, we find ourselves in new communities almost every day. We strive to support organizations and causes that address issues that impact communities around the world. From programs that bring clean drinking water to developing nations to health and human service campaigns, we view our financial and volunteer contributions as strategic investments in the future of communities and layne’s future success

ONE Layne.
We are a Global water management, construction and drilling company, providing responsible solutions for the world's toughest water, mineral and energy challenges.

ONE Purpose.
To enhance the lives of people by providing and protecting the world's essential natural resources.

ONE Vision.
To be the leading sustainable solutions provider to the world of essential natural resources – water, mineral, and energy.

As we have grown over the last 130 years, so has the diversity of our company and our offering. With each new stage of growth came new people, new processes and new thoughts that influenced our company and help make us who we are today - a unified team.

In defining a path forward for Layne, one word kept emerging over and over – solutions. We invent solutions. We propose solutions. We deliver solutions. For a company known previously as a “service provider” this is an important distinction.

Our expertise has brought us to a point where we are valued for our unique ability to collaborate across divisional, functional and geographic lines to provide our clients an integrated approach, ensuring streamlined communications, expedited timelines, a constant focus on safety and sustainability. Our solutions give clients a single point of accountability for even the most complex projects, and enable us to deliver high levels of both quality and economic efficiency. While our services are impeccable, it is our solutions that make us truly remarkable.

What makes us ONE
As ONE Layne, we have a rich and diverse history dating back to 1882 when we began as a domestic water-well drilling company in South Dakota. From those humble roots, and over 130 years, we've evolved into a global Water Management, Construction and Drilling Company.

As we've grown, so has the diversity of our organization - and never more so than in the last 15 years, during which time we've acquired and integrated 48 unique companies into the Layne organization. With each stage of our growth, came new people, new processes and new thoughts that influenced our culture and helped make us the company we are today.

Despite the changes, there remained some common threads between all of the unique divisions, locations and functions that make up Layne. Most notably, at our core, is a long-standing theme of responsibility to our people, the environment, our company and clients, as well as a fundamental set of behaviors that guide us in our day-to-day quest to maximize the value of Layne over the long term.

It's our belief that a strong and unifying corporate culture is the cornerstone of our success. Living by our Core Values and beliefs has given us the foundation that we have built on to date. These values and beliefs define us as an organization - defining not only what we believe in, but how we do what we do, each and every day...and that make us distinctly ONE Layne.

We set the safety the bar high. Layne is committed to the long-term health and safety of our people and the communities we touch. We understand the challenges associated with complex cultures and harsh environments that are found on water management, drilling and construction sites around the world. As ONE Layne, our purpose is to enhance the lives of people by providing and protecting the world’s essential natural resources – and it all begins with safety.

Layne’s dedicated team of Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) professionals drive continuous improvement and heightened awareness across our enterprise through a robust training and auditing program. On the job site, we ensure our field employees possess the necessary personal protective equipment and detailed, site-specific safety information. We also provide a monthly “Layne Safety Topics” publication, translated into the primary languages where we operate, which covers issues such as ladder safety, first aid and electrical color coding compliance.

All field personnel participate in an annual two-day safety training class that is compliant with the latest OSHA, MSHA and DOT regulations. Clients and partners are also invited to participate in the training, where we review our Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) program and Layne’s Accident Prevention Policy. In areas such as South Africa, where safety regulations are less developed than other parts of the world, this kind of training reinforces our strong international reputation for safety and supports employee retention.