LeadSolar Energy Co., Ltd.

LeadSolar Energy Co., Ltd.

LeadSolar Energy Co., Ltd is finding innovative ways to make powerful solar more affordable. From efficient design to strategic manufacturer partnership, our endeavor is centered from beginning to end around making powerful, reliable solar power more accessible. A combination of high quality standards and lean design allows us to maximize our customers’ RoI with microinverters that will last as long as the solar panels they are connected to. That’s why we offer a 25-year warranty. We are looking towards a greener future -- one with a more distributed, reliable power grid. With microinverters, a solar panel can be placed right where power is needed -- on a lamp post, a rooftop, an electronic billboard or an office building. No transit means no “leaks” along the way. It can bring electricity to rural areas beyond the reach of power lines, and integrate smoothly with city wires to lower utility bills and eliminate blackouts.

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530 Mansion A308, Qingyuan Rd. , Wuxi New District , 214135 China

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Solar Power
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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LeadSolar Energy Co., Ltd  leverages modern-day communications technology to get the most out of solar power. With a strong focus on cost-efficiency, our smart microinverters produce up to 25% more power than traditional methods. Efficient design and strategic manufacturer partnership allow us to make solar power more affordable than ever. We believe in our product and stand behind our 25-year warranty!