Leiderdorp Instruments BV

Leiderdorp Instruments BV

Leiderdorp Instruments design, manufacture and calibrate vibration monitoring equipment that complies with BS, DIN and Dutch standards for construction integrity monitoring. The equipment enables on-line monitoring. Software is included that allows fully automated reporting of the measured data, saving a lot of time. With the AXILOG vibration monitors you can set up a completely automated monitoring and reporting system with full on-line control over the equipment and with real-time on-line insight in the measurements.

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Dijkgravenlaan 17 , Leiderdorp , 2352 RN Netherlands
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Noise and Vibration
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Leiderdorp Instruments BV was founded in 1987 as an engineering product development. In the course of time the activities have been extended to:

  • Development, production, sales, maintenance and repair of own products
  • Development, production, maintenance and repair of OEM products (sold by third parties under their own name as their own product)
  • Product development for third parties (mainly electronics and firmware / software)

Leiderdorp Instruments is a technology-driven company. The common denominator 'measure' in all activities and products. This 'measure' we do own four product groups :

  • Measuring equipment for use in and around construction sites (think: vibration water slope crack width) More>
  • Measuring equipment for renewable energy and information displays (think: information displays for PV systems, portals, management)  More>
  • Universal data loggers with online data access (think: measurements in the field temporary instrumentation Mobile instrumentation)  More>
  • Precision amplifiers and readers for sensors (for example: solar irradiance meters UV measurement heat flux sensors)  More>

Furthermore, we produce OEM products such as controllers for heat pumps, equipment for thermal conductivity, measurement equipment for detecting water in oil, equipment for measuring pollution from the pulp in paper mills, measuring and afregelapparatuur for hearing protectors, etc.

As development for others we designed all kinds of equipment and products such as measuring equipment for so-called CPT trucks that are used in geotechnical engineering to measure the condition of the soil to allow it to calculate an appropriate foundation for buildings, measuring equipment for use in industrial laundries, microvolts amplifiers , waterbed temperature with remote control, etc.

Since 1987, we have a large number of measurement projects implemented in the field of renewable energy. We have measured include solar water heaters, PV systems (grid-connected and autonomous), wind turbines, heat pumps and other heat generators such as wood stoves, biogas plants and all possible combinations of systems. The measurement projects we carried out on behalf of TNO, ECN, SenterNovem (agency), Nuon, Econergy and many other engineering companies and manufacturers of renewable energy systems.