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Leighton Consulting

Leighton engineers and geologists provide innovative geotechnical solutions for difficult sites through detailed geological investigation, creative engineering design, and cost-effective construction of remedial measures. Our services have been applied to private and public land development and construction sites for 46 years. Our projects include more than 40,000 site investigations involving nearly one million residential, commercial and public properties, and countless studies for special structures with difficult siting problems. Leighton Consulting has provided award-winning engineering solutions to a wide array of clients and a diverse range of project types.

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17781 Cowan, Suite 200 , Irvine , California 92614 USA

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Engineering service provider
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Leighton is an award-winning engineering consulting firm that provides environmental, geotechnical, and testing and inspection services to both public- and private-sector clients. Utilizing progressive technology and innovative strategies, we work in partnership with our clients to create and maintain a safe environment. Our role as a consultant and professional design firm is essential to the construction of sustainable developments for public, commercial, institutional, infrastructure and community development projects. Headquartered in irvine, calif., leighton has eight offices in southern california, staffed with more than 150 professionals. Providing our regional clients with exceptional results is attributed to our workforce of professional geotechnical and civil engineers, professional geologists, certified engineering geologists, hydrogeologists, environmental assessors, and certified field technicians and inspectors.


Founded by F. Beach Leighton in 1961 as F. Beach Leighton and Associates (FBLA), the company started out of his own home-office providing just engineering geology with a staff of only seven part-time employees.

To better serve clients and for improved quality control of the geotechnical reporting, Beach decided to expand the firm's services to provide soils engineering. In 1972, Beach did this by establishing a new company that became the soils engineering arm of FBLA. In the same year, Beach formed another company that was devoted to applying geological sciences and soils engineering to environmental planning. By 1974, all three companies merged into one celebrating its new name, Leighton and Associates, Inc.

Over the past 37 years, several subsidiary companies were formed to extend specific services to the individual needs of our growing clientele and dynamic market sectors. Today, we have evolved into Leighton Group, Leighton Consulting, and Leighton and Associates.

Proud of our valued heritage, Leighton is committed to continually providing the highest possible delivery of services and providing you, our clients, with solutions you can build on.


Leighton and its companies include Leighton Group, Inc., Leighton Consulting, Inc., and Leighton and Associates, Inc.

Leighton Group, Inc. - Leighton Group, Inc. Is the parent company providing its subsidiaries with strategic direction and administrative services. Corporate functions include human resources, risk management, information technology, accounting, marketing and business development.

Leighton Consulting, Inc. - Serving project types under the public, commercial, institutional and infrastructure market segments.

Leighton and Associates, Inc. - Serving projects types under the residential and community development market segments.