Liaoning Jiuding Hongtai waterproof technology co., LTD

Our company produces multiple series of waterproof materials, six categories innovative products, including: DCP reaction adhesive wet-applied polymer waterproof sheet membrane, DSR spraying rubber asphalt waterproof coating, DNC non-curing rubber asphalt waterproof coating; sealing products: node sealant, polyurethane sealant; SBS & APP modified asphalt adhesive/pre-applied/wet-applied etc series of modified asphalt waterproof sheet membrane; EVA waterproof sheet membrane, the ECB waterproof sheet membrane, PVC waterproof sheet membrane, LDPE, HDPE, TPO waterproof sheet membrane, CPE waterproof sheet membrane series of polymer waterproof sheet membrane; polyurethane waterproof coating, JS composite waterproof coating Series waterproof coating; our company latest research and develop golden storm series DNM non-asphalt base adhesive waterproof sheet membrane and polymer DNC- P non-asphalt base non-curing rubber waterproof coating. Totally six categories,

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