LimCo International

LimCo International develops online biomonitors for water/sediment/soil quality control (e.g. Multispecies Freshwater Biomonitor). LimCo develops toxicity biotests for aquatic and sediment toxicology. LimCo offers consultancies in: aquatic ecotoxicology, sediment toxicology, aquatic ecology, limnology, online biomonitoring, Chironomidae. LimCo performs research in ecotoxicology in cooperation with universities and water authorities worldwide. LimCo offers a literature and photo archiv as basis for lectures, journals and books.

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Blarerstraße 56 , Konstanz , D-78462 Germany

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Water and Wastewater
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Internationally (various countries)


LimCo International GmbH is your partner in assessing, evaluating and monitoring aquatic ecosystems according to the European Waterframework Directive based on expertise in biology, ecotoxicology and environmental technology.

LimCo International GmbH offers scientific expertise (ecotoxicological research) and advice (participation in gremia), developing rapid in situ biotests (pollution assessment and evaluation) and biomonitor systems (pollution prevention, monitoring and management).

Moroever, LimCo International is engaged in environmental education (especially for children) and sensibilisation of people for the beauty of nature at different scales (art photography).