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  • SediMeter Instruments

    The SediMeter instrument records a turbidity profile through the bottom, so that the changes in bottom level as a result of sedimentation, erosion, and siltation can be determined. It can be used in environmental monitoring of sediment spill around dredging sites. It has a LogDator controller, and comes in different models for stand-alone and network operation. Over 250 SediMeters can be deployed in a network with data logged to a LogDator or displayed by a PC in real-time.

  • SediMeter - Model SM3 - Sediment Monitoring Instrument

    SediMeter - Model SM3 - Sediment Monitoring Instrument

    The SM3 model is almost sold out, and no new production will take place. It is being replaced by the SM4 2019 edition, which will have all the capabilities of SM3, and more. The sensor consists of 36 near infrared optical backscatter detectors (NIR OBS) spaced 1 cm apart. The active measurement length is 35 cm. Turbidity is reported in FBU (formazin backscatter units, similar to FTU or NTU). The level is estimated with 0.01 mm resolution and the absolute...

  • SediMeter - Model SM4 - Sediment Monitoring Instrument

    SediMeter - Model SM4 - Sediment Monitoring Instrument

    The SM4 has the same tested and true SediMeterâ„¢ sensor as the SM2 and SM3, and furthermore it has an ISO style nephelometric turbidimeter, an EPA style nephelometric turbidimeter, a nephelometric fluorescence meter, a backscatter fluorescence meter, a light meter, a NIR meter, and a 3-axis accelerometer that samples 20 or 30 acceleration values per measurement. It also has conditions based monitoring, CBM, being programmed to take extra measurements...

  • SediLink - Radio Modem

    SediLink - Radio Modem

    A SediLink radio modem can be used to replace cable. It has a recheargeable battery, and a built in solar panel to charge itself and the connected SediMeters. It also has white blinking lights to alert seafarers about the buoy. The SediLink has a socket for an X-Bee radio, allowing a choice of inexpensive radio depending on the need for range, and the local regulations. It mounts on top of a tube with the cable through the tube and down to the...

  • Nilsson Depth-Integrating Suspended Sediment Sampler

    Nilsson Depth-Integrating Suspended Sediment Sampler

    This device, variously known as a Nilsson sampler, Uppsala-type, and Swedish sediment sampler, holds a 1 liter bottle for samples. The tube system is the essential design feature for obtaining representative samples under a variety of conditions. It works both as a point sampler and as a depth-integrating sampler. The sampler was developed in 1969 as the IHD standard for sediment sampling in Scandinavia and other countries. The Swedish Meteorological...