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LINN Gerätebau has worked with fish-farming companies worldwide. LINN Germany produces aerators, oxygen enrichment systems, fish transport tanks, pumps and other fish farming equipment. From experience gathered is our own, 85 year-old trout farm, we get ideas for our systems and devices, and these ideas are then developed into a marketable product. Many of our systems and devices are protected by patent or by registered design. The needs of our customers and enhancing the living environment for fish have always been the basis for the design and development of our systems and devices. After various test runs in our own trout farm, they are then successfully introduced to the market. This practical approach and close contact with our customers together with our reliable service have made us one of the leading manufacturers of fish-farming equipment in Germany and we certainly intend to retain this position in the future.

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An der Sauerlandkaserne 1 , Lennestadt-Oedingen , 57368 Germany

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Agriculture - Fisheries
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Globally (various continents)

We have sales partners in many countries, whose addresses are quoted on the side LINN worldwide. Please contact us or our partners if you require information.  LINN aqua technology ...aerators and equipment made in Germany!

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We have farmed trout for more than 85 years, and have developed ideas that we know work in everyday situations. These ideas have been developed into marketable products.