Liquid Waste Technology (LWT) specializes in the design and manufacture of custom dredging system solutions for the dredging industry. LWT builds high quality computer and remote controlled portable dredges uniquely equipped for a variety of applications including: Dewatering Projects, Wastewater Lagoon Dredging, Water Treatment Plant Maintenance, Mine Tailings, Canal Dredging, Lake & Pond Dredging, Marina Maintenance, Dredging Mud and Silt, Sand Dredging, and Dredging w/Geo-Textile Tubes. LWT designed the MUD CATâ„¢ Remote Control Electric Lagoon Pumper (MODEL MC20-E, MC40-E, MC50-E) and the 700 Series Diesel Dredges with quality components for dependable, easy operations and builds it with structural steel for reliable, long term use. Utilizing Electric or Diesel Power, Manned or Unmanned, Computer or Manual Controls - LWT and its MUD CATâ„¢ Dredge Line can produce unparalleled, economical and efficient transmission of waste products.

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1750 Madison Avenue , New Richmond , Wisconsin 54017 USA

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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)
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Liquid Waste Technology, LLC, originally known as Moulton Irrigation Company, was founded in the 1960’s and early in the 1970’s was acquired by the principals of Bonestroo, Rosene Anderlik and Associates, a consulting engineering firm. The company expanded into liquid manure handling in 1983 and phased completely out of the irrigation business in 1984 leaving the core, Liquid Waste Technology products, focusing on environmental sludge handling equipment.

LWT concentrated on the manufacturing of the Pit Hog line of wastewater lagoon / pond dredges and remote controlled lagoon pumpers, robotic submersible and track driven pumper crawlers, rail car and tanker truck cleaning systems, digester and tank cleaning systems and custom systems for removal, agitation, transfer or land application of solids bearing liquids.

LWT manufactures direct injection and spray equipment for high volume, cost effective land applications and bio-solids for municipalities, industry and agriculture. LWT also builds a line of specialized agitators and submersible hydraulic pumps for livestock producers. LWT makes equipment available for rental with option to purchase for customers who have a need for the equipment but cannot justify immediate purchase. LWT is known for its automated and radio remote controlled dredges, using Bottom Sense to protect pond bottoms and liners, Solids Sense to maintain delivery of a constant solids density, and other options such as Radio Remote Sense, Auto Sense, and Lateral Sense. They are widely considered the industry’s leader in automation and remote control technology.

In October of 1998, the Bonestroo group sold LWT to an investor group involved in dredging through other interests. LWT was reincorporated under the laws of the State of Maryland. LWT continues to concentrate on the manufacturing of Pit Hog lagoon / pond dredges and remote control lagoon pumpers.

In January of 2001, LWT acquired the assets of United Marine International, LLC, adding a new product line of marine trash skimmers and weed harvesters. The addition of this line gives LWT a complete range of equipment engaged in cleaning ponds, lakes, rivers, and other waterways.

In February of 2003, LWT acquired the intellectual property rights and a portion of the inventory of Innovative Material Systems, IMS. This is an auger dredge product line that compliments LWT’s products well. IMS’ patented “star-wheel” propulsion system is ideally suited for canal and marina dredging. The combination of the technologies of both companies is supplying the industry with exciting new products.

In July of 2003, LWT, LLC and Baltimore Dredges, LLC both came under the corporate umbrella of Baltimore Dredge Enterprises, LLC. While still operating independently, the new arrangement allows for the interchange of engineering and technology as well as markets and a worldwide representative base.

The year 2006 brought much growth with LWT delivering over 40 dredges worldwide. To accommodate continued growth in 2007 LWT acquired land and built a new 150,000 square foot plant in New Richmond, Wisconsin. The new state of the art manufacturing facility is located 15 miles east of the Minneapolis/Saint Paul metro area. LWT moved into this world-class dredge manufacturing facility in January of 2008, which they quickly outgrew and by July 4th, 2008 construction was completed on a 30,000 square foot addition. LWT now employs nearly 70 people, including 3 outside of Wisconsin.