LLamasoft, Inc.

LLamasoft, Inc.

Our supply chain experts pioneered supply chain design technology and best practices and we’re not stopping there! You do! We love helping our customers design thriving supply chains. LLamasoft enables organizations around the world to model and optimize their supply chain operations for major improvements in cost, service, sustainability and risk mitigation. Our team of industry-leading supply chain experts and consultants are driven to make supply chain optimization easier, better and faster, so you can make the world a better place. We continue to innovate with an aggressive development roadmap including new solutions for supply chain visibility, planning, and predictive analytics.

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201 South Main Street, 4th Floor , Ann Arbor , Michigan 48104 USA
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Software vendor
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Environmental Management
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Globally (various continents)

Why the Llamas?

Llamas are cute, furry animals, and who wouldn’t love a llama?  Actually, we admire llamas as sturdy pack animals, and they were a critical element of ancient South American supply chains.  We also admire the Dalai Lama as a deep thinker, philosopher, and teacher of the highest order.  We’re inspired by both of these types of llamas, and our people and products reflect a combination of determined, hard-working effort and intellectual, creative, and highly sophisticated thinking.  One L for each!

  • Introduction of Data Guru, a desktop application that simplifies data transformation and creates documented, repeatable data workflows
  • Release of Inventory Guru, a multi-echelon inventory optimization tool with breakthrough demand classification technology
  • Release of LLamasoft Supply Chain Sherpa mobile supply chain design app
  • Third annual SummerCon supply chain design conference draws largest crowd yet with over 200 customers attending
  • LLamasoft introduces new supply chain design training facility
  • Release of Data Services, an offering that provides supply chain design reference and benchmark data

LLamasoft supply chain design tools are built on a foundation of technology elements that, when combined, enable better and faster supply chain enterprise planning and decision making.

Key Supply Chain Modeling Features
LLamasoft has designed numerous breakthrough technologies and combined them with industry-recognized mapping and reference data tools to create a solid foundation for strategic supply chain and transportation network modeling.

Adaptive Intelligent Inventory Optimization (AI+IO)
LLamasoft Adaptive Intelligence Inventory Optimization (AI+IO) is the demand classification engine within LLamasoft Inventory Guru and is truly the next generation of multi-echelon inventory analysis. The result of over 10 combined years of applied research, AI+IO combines advanced classification and segmentation of demand patterns with dynamic inventory target setting to help companies achieve the lowest possible working capital to meet their target service levels.

Multi-Objective Optimization
LLamasoft multi-objective optimization is an integrated tool within Supply Chain Guru that allows customers to meet business challenges that include multiple competing goals. The tool automatically optimizes to and provides insight into any two best solutions and then builds a trade-off curve allowing analysts to visualize the interaction and span between different options.

Sequential Objective Optimization
LLamasoft sequential objective optimization enables prioritization of objectives by solving for multiple objectives in sequence, with the first objective having highest priority. This allows users to explore how sensitive a solution is to any given hard constraint by converting it into a soft constraint.

Supply Chain Data Visualization and Mapping Technologies
LLamasoft tools can reduce the time it takes to understand complex information through built-in supply chain visualization and analytic reports. Common and consistent views of data enable individuals and groups of decision makers to come to agreement quicker on current network status and strategies.

Vehicle Route Planning (VRP) and Continuous Moves Technology
The VRP technology within LLamasoft Transportation Guru enables users to gain strategic insight into their transportation system while allowing them to ask intelligent what-if questions.

Enterprise Simulation
By stepping through individual orders that generate shipments and stimulate production as they might happen in real time, the LLamasoft discrete event simulation engine allows supply chain designers and analysts to really understand the impacts of proposed changes to a supply network.