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    All our experience is at our customers’ disposal, supporting them both before and after they purchase our products. From sales to technical staff, our team consists exclusively of qualified and experienced personnel who have been working in the analytical laboratory field for many years. Competence and specific training, combined with in-depth knowledge of market needs, allow us to constantly provide unparalleled service, ensuring instrument performance always remains at the highest le

  • Before-Sales Services

    Before-Sales Services

    We provide support even before selling our products: our highly-experienced sales staff guide customers in choosing the most appropriate instruments for their specific application, ensuring full compatibility with the connected equipment. A careful selection process that allows customers to optimise investments, as well as ensuring the use of the most suitable gas generator for their analytical solution, improving laboratory efficiency.

  • After-Sales Services

    After-Sales Services

    Our after-sales technical service provides considerable added value to our product specifications. Using sophisticated software tools and two-way remote control diagnostics we can monitor and analyse the performance of our modules in real time, from installation to scheduled maintenance and service. Technical service that starts right from installation: the remote connection can be used to monitor internal parameters, verifying the procedure and...

  • Premium Service

    Premium Service

    Exploiting this extensive experience, we offer instrument solutions and integrated gas generators and calibration systems dedicated to specific analytical, industrial or environmental requirements, supporting customers in choosing the right product and guaranteeing continuous after-sales service. Qualified technicians handle both installation and subsequent routine and scheduled maintenance through two-way remote control of all the modules.