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  • Locus Cloud Platform

  • Environmental Sustainability Software

    Environmental Sustainability Software

    Achieving a Competitive Advantage Through the Pursuit of Sustainable Business. To help you stay on top of your corporate sustainability reporting (CSR) Locus offers full integration of energy and environment-related sustainability applications into environmental enterprise-resource planning (EERP). Our unique software platform is the foundation for application launching and integration across the spectrum of environmental, water, energy, and carbon...

  • Compliance Management Software

    Compliance Management Software

    Enterprise Environmental Compliance Management On Demand. Industry analysts continue to rank environmental compliance management a top risk for businesses. Locus' ePortal helps organizations combat this risk through an integrated platform for environmental compliance management. ePortal is the leading enterprise on-demand compliance management software for identifying, mitigating, and preventing high-risk events and provides organizations the ability...

  • Health and Safety Software

    Health and Safety Software

    Locus' Health and Safety (H&S) Compliance ePortal module and services solution helps ensure efficient compliance with U.S. and international health and safety regulations and industry guidelines. It helps you automate, streamline, and manage your H&S compliance activities from start to finish. Incident Management helps mitigate risks ranging from routine safety incidents to workplace injuries. Designed as a core governance, risk, and...

  • Air and Greenhouse Gas Software

    Air and Greenhouse Gas Software

    Enterprise Emission Inventory and Permit Compliance Management. Locus' Air and Greenhouse Gases module within ePortal is the leading enterprise software for managing emission inventory and permit compliance programs. It reduces compliance risk through integration of other ePortal modules such as Compliance Management, Asset Management, Automation (including remote sensing) into one integrated solution.

  • Automation Software

    Automation Software

    Control and Manage Your Environmental Treatment Systems from Your Desktop. Locus Automation leverages your existing control system to provide remote control, monitoring, and historical and real-time reporting through your browser. Automation couples recent advances in industrial automation with the latest in web technology to bring real-time monitoring, remote control, sensing, and data management to any computer with access to the Internet....

  • Waste Management Software

    Waste Management Software

    Streamline Waste Management Data Aggregation and Reporting in One Place. Designed as a core governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) software system in the area of waste management, Locus' Waste Management module brings a completely integrated solution to the waste management software market. Every chemical that enters the plant eventually becomes a waste product that owners need to track, manage, dispose of, and report. Locus' Waste Management module...

  • Asset Management Software

    Asset Management Software

    Equipment Management On Demand: What are the maintenance requirements for your on-site equipment? Are you meeting all of your equipment's regulatory requirements? When are the next permit renewals due? Which assets are contributing to your carbon emissions? These are some of the questions that ePortal's Asset Management module helps you to answer in a simple and easy-to-use interface. The Asset Management module of Locus' ePortal application allows...