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  • Task Management Modules

  • Audit Tracking

    Audit Tracking

    While auditors are preparing for the next audit, the EPOCH Audit Module can track the status of each finding for all previous audits. Through a series of on-screen and printed reports, this comprehensive tracking system will insure that all findings are resolved on time.

  • Calendar Tasks and Notification

    Calendar Tasks and Notification

    If you’re having a difficult time keeping up with inspections, reporting deadlines, tracking samples, training sessions, audit follow-up, permits expiring or any other task, the EPOCH Calendar / Notification Module can be a valuable addition to your Environmental Management Program.

  • Environmental Events (Spills, Accidents, Injuries, and Other)

    Environmental Events (Spills, Accidents, Injuries, and Other)

    The EPOCH Event Tracking Module creates a diary of all spills, releases, inspections, excursions, accidents, and other events. Use the software to determine if a release has exceeded the reportable quantities. Record action items, enter extensive comments on releases, and automatically notify others in the company when a release has occurred.