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Lokman Recycling

Lokman Recycling

The roots of Lokman Recycling Inc (Lokman Geri Kazanım AŞ) lie in the Lokman Hekim Health Foundation, which was founded in 1986 primarily to provide health services to people in Turkey entirely on a not-for-profit basis. A few years later, it was decided to add recycling (in view of the positive contributions which it makes to the environment) to the range of activities which the foundation undertook to generate revenues in order to carry out its mission. Since 1989, the LHSV has been collecting discarded and scrap paper, beverage cans, plastics, PET containers, end of life tires, and used printer cartridges. Because the income secured from these activities is used to finance the foundation’s health services, in effect LHSV is making health from trash! Forty people are currently employed by the foundation in the conduct of its recycling activities. LHSV was the first NGO in Turkey to engage in this effort on a voluntary, regular, and non-profit basis.

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Darülaceze Cad. Karataş Sok. SNS Plaza, No:6 K:2 Şişli, Okmeydanı , Istanbul , Turkey
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Service provider
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Material Recycling
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Internationally (various countries)
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The Lokman miracle: Transforming waste into health.

Believing that it was necessary to give these activities, which had been initiated at a time when recycling and its importance were just beginning to gain recognition in Turkey, a more professional structure and also with the idea of extending the concept of recycling into newer areas, in 2002 Lokman Hekim Health Foundation decided to set up Lokman Recycling Inc.


As a first step, Lokman Recycling added disaggregation and pre-processing to the initial activity of waste collecting. By collecting industrial refuse at its source, the company significantly enhanced its ability to sort out the truly recyclable waste.

In the years that followed, the company began supplying cement plants with alternative fuels such as end-of-life tires (ELT) and combustible industrial waste. In 2010, the Lokman Recycling Plant commenced operation. Based in Akyazı, in Sakarya province east of İstanbul, this plant makes use of advanced, state-of-the-art technology to produce rubber granules from scrap automotive tires.

Lokman Recycling today:

  • Collects, sorts, and recycles 10,000 tons of paper and plastic a year
  • Manages and recycles 20,000 tons of industrial plastics and contaminated waste a year
  • Produces 18,000 tons of refuse-derived-fuel from recycled materials a year
  • Logistically manages 40,000 tons of ELT a year for reuse in the production of energy
  • Converts 30,000 tons/year of ELT into rubber granules at a recycling plant whose production capacity is 20,000 tons a year.
  • We contribute to both economic progress and environmental health by recovering and recycling our country’s waste.