Loots Groundwater International

The company started 1926 up to 1986 and ran under the name R. Loots B.V. In this period the company had a complete collection of equipment and offered complete dewatering installations, drilling, soil investigation, etc. In 2011 Erik Loots started Loots Groundwater International. Loots Groundwater International offers specialized dewatering consultancy services. Loots Groundwater International offers services for the new market demand where risks, claims and insurance are something that have to be considered before starting working. With our dewatering consultancy services we offer dewatering reports and plans, based on both practical and theoretical experience.

Company details

Hazenkoog 29P , Alkmaar , 1822 BS Netherlands

Locations Served

Business Type:
Consulting firm
Industry Type:
Soil and Groundwater Consulting and Engineering
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:

Loots Groundwater International is based in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands there are over 3000 polders (dyked marshes), here continue dewatering is needed to make it possible to live and work on this area. For building underground structures there is (if possible) temporarily construction dewatering needed (for example: tunnels, basements, etc.). Loots Groundwater International has decades of experience in construction dewatering and the tools to translate this experience for other projects.

Our goal for each job is to search solutions that work for all parties. Examples:

  • check if dewatering is possible, without risks for environment
  • design a dewatering installation that still makes it possible to move around in the excavation
  • design a dewatering installation with limited discharge (limited capacity)

Loots Groundwater International stands for the high quality, this has never changed. We offer dewatering support for our clients and quality is our trademark. Independent dewatering services can be priceless when risks, money and multiple interests are part of the project.

When construction dewatering and risks are not well examined it is more difficult for contractors/clients to choose the construction method. Big risks are sometimes unnoticed and this can result in bad experiences:  structural damage to other buildings or nature and financial losses. We offer our services to check the risks around dewatering. By our experience we learned dewatering soil is not always to best solution, alternative methods with the use HDPE foils, concrete, sheet piling walls are also considered. Often a combination of dewatering installation with the use of measures is very interesting (measures for example: recharge wells, sheet piling walls, etc.)